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Marine Mammal Protection in the Northeast

For more information, please go to NOAA’s Northeast Marine Mammal Program website.

For more information about marine mammal viewing in the Northeast, please go to NOAA’s Responsible Marine Wildlife Viewing page and NOAA Fisheries Northeast Regional Office’s Marine Mammal Viewing page.

Special Agents James Cassin and Jeffrey Ray, from left, inspect shark fins that were seized during a 2003 joint investigation by NOAA's Office for Law Enforcement and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation Police. Agents discovered a New York company had purchased approximately 300,000 pounds of federally regulated shark meat and fins over a two-and-a-half year period without the required federal shark dealer permit.

Permitting in the Northeast

Atlantic Tuna

Atlantic Swordfish and Shark

Other Permits

For Northeast permits other than shark, tuna, swordfish, and billfish, call NOAA Fisheries Northeast Region Permits office at (978) 281-9370. For more contact information, go to the Northeast Region Permits website.

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