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  • OLE Trains Philippines On Anti-IUU Efforts

    In a second phase of capacity building, a team of NOAA Office of Law Enforcement experts traveled to the Philippines to train enforcement officials there on vessel inspection techniques. Read More . . .

  • Seal Abuser Gets 4 Years

    Man caught on video beating a monk seal is sentenced to prison time. Read More . . .

  • Immediate Action Saves Baby Beluga Whale

    A team from NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Wildlife Troopers, and Alaska SeaLife Center saves beluga calf. Read More . . .

  • Officers Enforcing Take Reduction Plan

    Regulations have been put in place to reduce the risk of serious injury and death of large whales caused by entanglement in U.S. commercial trap/pot and gillnet fishing gear. Read More . . .

  • Enforcement Focuses on Subsistence Fishing Cheats

    Subsistence halibut fishing is an essential program in Alaska. OLE is working to reduce violations. Read More . . .

From tackling seafood fraud nationally to helping crack down on illegal fishing internationally, we're here to make sure that those who obey the rules reap the benefits of fair competition and an even playing field in the market. We protect marine resources and their habitat and help safeguard the health of seafood consumers and the livelihoods of coastal communities.