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September 1: Fighting IUU Fishing at the Ports: A photo journal of PSMA training in Indonesia

August 12: OLE begins PSMA training with U.S. Territories, then International Partners

July 1: OLE Working Hard To Identify, Prevent Incidents of Shark Finning, Illegal Shark Fishing

April 27: Florida-Based Company Sentenced To Probation, $50,000 In Mislabeling Case

April 15: As MSA Turns 40, One OLE Agent Remembers The Implementation, Transition

April 13: Undercover Operation Ends With More Than Just Fines, Probation

April 9: Ten-Day At-Sea Joint Mission Successfully Tallies 20+ Fines

January 21: Bluefin Tuna Early Migration Focuses OLE Officer’s Attention On Compliance, Outreach


December 29: Reminder: EEZ Rec Black Sea Bass Season Is Closed 

December 5: Alaska Enforcing MSA, NPHA One Case At A Time

December 3: OLE Special Agent Joins Offshore Aquaculture Convo

October 9: Fisherman Jailed For 7 Months, Will Pay $603,000

October 4: It's That Time Of Year! No Bass Fishing In EEZ

September 11: United States and Russia Sign Agreement to Prevent Illegal Fishing

June 3: Are You Ready? Changes Looming For VMS Users

May 28: Officers, Agents Leverage Social Media For Leads

May 22: Seven years Later Justice Is Served

May 4: Community-Focused Officer Earns Award

April 22 : 2.5 Year Investigation Ends In Jail 

January 20:  Former Dealer Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge


December 16:  IUU Task Force Releases Recommendations

October 4: Scallop Overharvesting Sinks Seafood Company

September 24: ESA Protections, Criminal Conviction

August 19: Dolphin Feeding = Harm to Animals, Fines

August 15: Safeguarding Fisheries Observers

July 24: Electronic Reporting Required for HMS Dealers

April 23: Dominos continue to fall in RSA case

April 11: RSA Violations Result in Arrest, Guilty Plea

March 12: Keep Your Distance from Wild Dolphins

February 28: Sea Turtles See Justice

February 19: International Ivory Smuggling Ring Dismantled



October 21: Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources

September 9: Dolphin Mortality Events Prompt More Patrols

August 26: Beyond the Badge

August 19: Hefty Penalties for 86,000 Pounds of Illegal Fluke

August 15: Right Whale, Right Rule

August 12: Enforcement Month 2013

June 18: Whale Watchers Need to Heed 100-Yard Rule

June 6: Give Seals Their Space

June 3: Charter Halibut Boats Must Have Permits Onboard

May 15: Enforcement Actions Protect Sustainable Fisheries

April 17: NOAA Law Enforcement Collaborates with Federal Partners and Industry to Discuss Seafood Mislabeling

April 17: NOAA Reminds Public to Keep Distance from Sick Sea Lions

March 3: Helping Fishermen and Lobstermen Coexist

February 11: A Global Perspective on Tackling Illegal Fishing



May 21: Crimes Against Marine Mammals Exhibit Opens at D.C.'s Crime Museum

July 3: Eagle Saved from Drowning Thanks to NOAA Enforcement Officer

July 30: Casitas in Florida Keys Sanctuary Endanger Lobsters and Their Habitat

October 2: NOAA Law Enforcement At Work: Investigating Marine Mammal Crimes

November 15:
NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement Tackles Seafood Fraud

December 12: Fishery Council Honors "Legendary" NOAA Special Agent with Highest Service Award