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Feature Stories

  • Electronic Reporting Required for HMS Dealers - July 24, 2014: All federally permitted Atlantic HMS dealers are required to electronically report commercially harvested species on a weekly basis.
  • Dominos continue to fall in RSA case - April 23, 2014: Criminal charges have been levied against a New York fish dealer for the purchase of more than 240,000 pounds of illegal fluke.
  • RSA Violations Result in Arrest, Guilty Plea - April 11, 2014: NOAA special agents tackle research set-aside violations in the illegal catch of more than 290,000 pounds of fluke.
  • Keep Your Distance from Wild Dolphins - March 12, 2014: NOAA’s Enforcement Program continues to see cases of injury and harassment to dolphins in the wild, resulting in federal prosecution.
  • Sea Turtles See Justice - February 28, 2014: NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement and the FBI conducted a joint undercover operation leading to the arrest of a Puerto Rican man for his role in the illegal sale of sea turtle meat.
  • International Ivory Smuggling Ring Dismantled - February 19, 2014: Three co-defendants in Tennessee and New Jersey have been arrested in connection with illegal trafficking of narwhal tusks from Canada to the United States.
  • Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources - Oct. 21, 2013: An essential part of our U.S. sustainable fisheries management approach is ensuring that commercial fishermen are knowledgeable of catch regulations and requirements, and that they are in compliance with these laws.
  • Fighting for Global Sustainable Fisheries - Sept. 17, 2013: Pacific countries work together to promote sustainable fisheries and address illegal fishing in the Coral Triangle – a global epicenter of marine biodiversity.
  • Dolphin Mortality Events Prompt More Patrols - September 9, 2013: Unusual mortality events of dolphins along the East Coast spur increased presence of enforcement officers.
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