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Coast Guard, NOAA conduct fisheries seizure in Dulac

October 18, 2012


NEW ORLEANS - The Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration seized nearly 8,000 pounds of fish from the 62-foot fishing vessel Blue Fin in Dulac Tuesday.

The Dulac-based vessel Blue Fin crew was allegedly using live bait and was cited for other fishery violations approximately 90 miles off the Louisiana coast. Fishing with live bait is prohibited in the Gulf of Mexico pelagic longline fishery.

The catch and estimated pounds that was reported seized is as follows:

  • 7,133 pounds of yellowfin tuna;
  • 535 pounds of escolar (oilfish);
  • 220 pounds of wahoo;
  • 44 pounds of mahi-mahi.

The overall estimated price of the catch was more than $20,000. The evidence package for this seizure has been forwarded to the NOAA Fisheries Service, who will determine if a formal Notice of Violation will be issued.

For further information on the alleged violations contact Kim Amendola, with NOAA at 727-551-5707 or 727-403-6533.


U.S. Coast Guard Eighth District External Affairs