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USCG Reminds Mariners to Respond to Communication Attempts

The U.S. Coast Guard in the Alaska region reminds commercial fishing vessel operators to standby VHF-FM channel 16 and respond when hailed.

USCG aircrafts conduct routine patrols throughout the region for safety and law enforcement missions. All mariners should be alert and recognize when an aircraft is attempting to communicate. The Coast Guard will always attempt to hail vessels on VHF-FM channel 16. If unable to establish communication on channel 16, an aircraft will make low passes, flash lights, or use a loudhailer to gain vessel operator’s attention.

Whenever a USCG aircraft is spotted in the area, all vessels equipped with a VHF-FM radio should ensure channel 16 is being monitored and can be clearly heard. In the case of visual signaling by aircraft, mariners should immediately establish communication with USCG units via radio and then shift to a mutually agreed upon working frequency.

The goal of this public announcement is to reduce the recent rise of “non-response” cases occurring throughout Alaska. Such cases hinder the Coast Guard’s ability to perform its missions, including safety of life at sea and the enforcement of living marine resources.

The summary settlement for non-response is $1,500.