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Workforce Analysis and Staffing Allocation Plan

On January 21, 2010, the Department of Commerce Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued the report, “Review of NOAA Fisheries Enforcement Program and Operations, Report No. OIG-19887" in response to the Agency’s April 2009 request for a review of NOAA’s enforcement activities. In that report, OIG made five recommendations, including:

“Determine whether NOAA should continue to approach fisheries enforcement from a criminal-investigative standpoint, and if another approach is determined to be more appropriate, align Office of Law Enforcement’s workforce composition accordingly. In particular, NOAA should determine whether the agency has an appropriate balance and alignment of uniformed enforcement officers/inspectors and criminal investigators, based on mission need.”

In response to the OIG report, NOAA took several steps to improve fisheries law enforcement activities, including a freeze on hiring new criminal investigators pending an internal workforce analysis. This document represents the results of that analysis, and provides the framework for proactively restructuring the Office of Law Enforcement's workforce over time.