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NOAA Fisheries Strategic Plan

Agency Statement

Our nation’s living marine resources belong to all its citizens. NOAA Fisheries is entrusted with conserving and managing the fish, sea turtles, whales, seals, dolphins, and other marine mammals that live in our oceans. We work on behalf of all U.S. citizens to manage and sustain the Nation’s marine life and habitats.

NOAA Fisheries advocates the sustainable use of living marine resources. These uses include commercial, recreational, and subsistence fishing, aquaculture, observation, and research. We support maximizing benefits to the Nation, while not threatening the continued existence of species and their habitat. We work with all segments of the public to balance competing needs and interests in the use and enjoyment of ocean resources.

NOAA Fisheries is responsible for ensuring that the best scientific information is used in management decisions. Our data collection and research are conducted in a broad range of scientific disciplines, including the natural and social sciences. Our scientists conduct high-quality research that is peer-reviewed both nationally and internationally. They contribute to the design of innovative management approaches, enhanced by technological improvements in monitoring and enforcement.

Effective communication is essential to the development and support of successful resource management and conservation policies. We support open and honest exchange of information. We believe that an informed public can help us reach attainable and measurable objectives.

NOAA Fisheries employees are our most important asset. Their competence, creativity, commitment, diversity, and innovation are vital to the Nation’s interests in fishery conservation. NOAA Fisheries employees are proud of their work, and hold themselves accountable for their performance.

Finally, NOAA Fisheries is fundamentally dedicated to maintaining the Nation’s marine heritage by ensuring the existence of productive, diverse, and healthy ocean ecosystems.


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