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Office of Policy

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Heidi Lovett
Policy Analyst 

Jennifer Lukens
Director, Office of Policy


Heather Sagar 

Senior Policy Advisor 

Heather Sagar is experienced in successfully managing programs and projects of regional and national importance, including setting and influencing policy, representing fisheries interest at federal level, and all aspects of regulations and policies regarding fishery and ocean ecosystems. Her expertise includes: developing and implementing new processes, working with government budget development and implementation, and communicating complex legal and scientific terminology in layman’s terms. Leadership qualities enhanced by reputation for efficiency, productivity, and ability to inspire and motivate diverse teams.

  • Leads effort for NOAA on Permitting and Infrastructure E.O. 13604 and the Presidential Memorandum of May 17, 2013, to ensure permitting more efficient and completed in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Leads NOAA Fisheries effort on cooperative research and co-management
  • Serves as NOAA Fisheries Tribal Liaison
  • Liaison for NOAA Fisheries Service to NOS and the Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee
  • Processes all Presidential Appointments to Regional Fishery Management Organizations