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Electronic Monitoring and Electronic Reporting: Guidance & Best Practices

The Guidance & Best Practices Discussion Draft

As a part of a strategic effort, NOAA Fisheries released a Discussion Draft on electronic technologies with advice and best practices for NOAA Fisheries and Councils to evaluate, add to and apply (where applicable) in developing regionally-appropriate fishery dependent data collection programs utilizing electronic monitoring (EM) and electronic reporting (ER). The document includes principles consistent with the Agency’s April 2013 Policy on the adoption of electronic technologies and was informed by five white papers commissioned by the NOAA Fisheries leadership in 2012.

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How to Comment on the Document

To submit your input, advice or best practices to be shared with others, send an email to: Your comments will be posted below for others to view.

Comments Received

9/30/2013Jack Sterne, et al.Environmental Defense FundEDF Comments
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William SkrobaczNot specifiedExperience: New digital cameras interfere with SkyMate.
8/7/2013Anik ClemensNOAA FisheriesSoutheast Regional Office Recommended Files