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NOAA Fisheries Policy Directives

This Policy Directive System (PDS) website is the official repository of NOAA Fisheries Service's policies and procedures. Please browse Directives 30-101 and 30-101-01 (via the 30 - Administration and Operations link below) for a full description and user's guide to the PDS.


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Managing Marine Ecosystems

Administration & Internal Operations


 2013 Webinar Series (Calendar)

  • January - Office of Policy - Review (powerpoint) (webinar)
  • February - NEPA, Social Media, Seafood Certification, and Administrative Records Policies (powerpoint) (audio)
  • March - Sexual Harassment Policies, VMS Data, and the PDS Review Process (powerpoint) (audio)
  • April - Email Comments and OCIO Policies (powerpoint), Data Documentation Policy (powerpoint), and Scientific & Technical Publications Policy (powerpoint) (audio)
  • May - Office of Habitat Conservation - Habitat Conservation and Restoration Policies (powerpoint) (webinar)
  • June - Office of Policy - Status of 2013 Review (powerpoint), Electronic Monitoring Policy (powerpoint), Permit Fees (powerpoint), HQ Taskings (powerpoint) (webinar)
  • July - Office of Management and Budget - Personal Property (powerpoint), Performance Measurement (powerpoint)
  • August - Office of Sustainable Fisheries - Emergency Orders, Preparation of Federal Register Documents, Disaster Assistance  (powerpoint)