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Budget of the Protected Resources Program

The table below presents a recent history and the current level of the Protected Resources National Program funding from the FY 2007 through the current fiscal year.

The President's FY 2014 Budget Request is for $185,969,000 for the Protected Resources Program and changes that include:
Protected Species Research and Management:

Species Recovery Grants:

Marine Mammals:

Other Protected Species:

West Coast Proposal:

Protected Resources Program
Budget Lines and Funding
($ in thousands)
FY 2007 ENACTEDFY 2008 ENACTEDFY 2009 ENACTEDFY 2010 ENACTEDFY 2011 ENACTEDFY 2012 ENACTEDFY 2013 ENACTEDFY 2014 President's Budget Request
Protected Species Research and Management Programs Base26,61633,18735,80039,85040,41839,35036,29739,595
Species Recovery Grants---15,6237,9902,7884,02017,813
Marine Mammals32,79540,45541,34049,65347,90449,15346,24445,039
Marine Turtles13,53713,66510,00314,57610,45212,38712,00210,784
Other Protected Species (Marine Fish, Plants, and Inverts)4,9907,9758,2578,3757,9846,5386,5557,264
Atlantic Salmon5,8505,7596,0008,5007,4855,5634,6576,083
Pacific Salmon57,22758,56659,00065,00065,86858,38054,39159,391
Protected Resources Programs Total141,015159,607160,400201,577188,101174,159164,167185,969
Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery Fund66,57167,00080,00080,00079,84065,00060,46950,000
Protected Resources Program Total207,586226,607240,400283,952267,941239,159224,636235,969

Updated: January 3, 2014