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Behavioral Response Studies/ Controlled Exposure Experiments

Increasing evidence suggests that exposure to intense underwater sound in some settings may cause certain marine mammals to strand and ultimately die.

Some of these strandings are associated with mid-frequency active military sonars and most have involved beaked whales. The coincidence between certain atypical mass strandings and active sonar exercises is convincing, but insufficient information is available to assess whether other signals pose a similar risk and whether other species may also be at risk.

One of the most direct and precise ways to test whether certain sounds could pose a risk of inducing strandings or other types of behavioral reactions is to conduct behavioral response studies (BRS)/ controlled exposure experiments (CEE) composed of both observational studies and carefully controlled experiments to determine safe and early indicators of responses that may be linked to a causal chain of events leading to stranding or other severe behavioral responses.


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Updated: October 6, 2014