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Office Address

If you wish to receive additional information regarding endangered species or marine mammal issues beyond what is available on this site, please contact:

Mail: Office of Protected Resources (F/PR)
National Marine Fisheries Service
1315 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-427-8400
Fax: 301-713-0376

Visitors to the office: Some state driver's licenses may not meet Real ID Act standards for accessing Federal buildings. Please refer to the list of acceptable forms of ID for accessing the building.

Regional Protected Resources Divisions

Web Site Feedback

Thanks for visiting our website! Your feedback is important to us. Please email us and/or take a 2-minute survey. You may also call 301-427-8404 to provide website feedback.

Public Comments on Regulations

Please submit public comments on regulations and other actions using the contact information given in the Federal Register. Regulations and other actions open for comment are published daily at

The following OPR actions are currently accepting comments:

Report a Stranded/Beached Marine Mammal

Contact one of our Regional Stranding Network participants to report a stranded or beached marine mammal.

Photo Credits

Most NOAA/Office of Protected Resources photos are in the public domain and cannot be copyrighted. There is no fee for using NOAA photos found on this site, but credit must be given to NOAA, unless otherwise instructed by the photo caption.

Downloading Images
Mac: Click and hold down the mouse button on the image and drag the image to your desktop.
Windows: Right-click on the image, select "Save Image As."

Web Site Accessibility

If you are having difficulty accessing a document on this web site using assistive technology, please contact us to arrange for an alternative format (please include URL if possible):

Phone: 301-427-8404
Fax: 301-713-0376

Updated: December, 2015