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Captain’s Statement Templates


Captain's Statement Templates

Under new NMFS regulations, a captain’s statement is required for all tuna product labeled dolphin-safe in the United States, regardless of the location of the tuna harvest or fishing vessel gear type used. The captain’s statement templates listed below are provided as a courtesy to help identify the correct language required for a particular fishing vessel gear type, for all fishing trips that begin on or after July 13, 2013. Although the use of these templates is not mandated, they are intended to help you identify the required language.

For tuna product, labeled dolphin-safe, that contains tuna harvested on a fishing trip that began before July 13, 2013 by a purse seine vessel outside the ETP or by a large purse seine vessel in the ETP (regardless of when the fishing trip began), the documentation requirements that were in effect prior to implementation of the new requirements continue to apply, including a statement signed by the captain of the vessel certifying that no purse seine net was intentionally deployed on or used to encircle dolphins during the particular trip on which the tuna was harvested or an International Dolphin Conservation Program-member nation certification, respectively. In addition, no captain’s statement is required for tuna harvested on a fishing trip that began before July 13, 2013, by a non-purse seine vessel or by a purse seine vessel inside the ETP with a carrying capacity of 400 short tons (362.8 mt) or less.