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Harmonized Tariff Schedule Numbers for Products of Italian Origin

Tuna Tracking and Verification Program


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In addition to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) for Selected Tuna and Tuna Products, fishery products listed below and imported from Italy must be accompanied by a NOAA Form 370, Fisheries Certificate of Origin, containing the signature of an Italian government representative to certify that the products were not harvested by a large scale driftnet on the high seas. Updated HTS numbers can be identified by referencing the most current HTS in effect at the time of importation, available at

0303.11.0000 Salmon, sockeye, frozen.
0303.12.0012 Salmon, chinook, frozen.
0303.12.0022 Salmon, chum, frozen.
0303.12.0032 Salmon, pink, frozen.
0303.12.0052 Salmon, coho, frozen.
0303.12.0062 Salmon, Pacific, non-specific, frozen.
0303.14.0000 Trout, frozen.
0303.13.0000 Salmon, Atlantic and Danube, frozen.
0303.19.0100 Salmonidae, other, frozen.
0303.57.0010 Swordfish steaks, frozen
0303.57.0090 Swordfish, other, frozen.
0303.81.0010 Dogfish, frozen.
0303.81.0090 Other sharks, frozen.
0303.89.0079 Fish, other, frozen.
0304.91.9000 Swordfish fillets, frozen.
0304.89.1090 Other fish, fillets, skinned, in blocks weighing over 4.5kg, frozen.
0304.81.5010 Salmon, Atlantic fillet, frozen.
0304.81.5090 Salmon, other fillet, frozen.
0304.99.9191 Other fish, fillets, frozen.
0305.39.6080 Fish, non-specific, fillet, dried/salted/brine.
0305.41.0000 Salmon, smoked.
0305.49.4041 Fish, non-specific, smoked.
0305.71.0000 Shark fins.
0305.59.0000 Fish, non-specific, dried.
0305.69.4000 Salmon, non-specific, salted.
0305.69.5001 Fish, non-specific, in immediate containers, salted, not over 6.8kg.
0305.69.6001 Fish, non-specific, salted, other.
0307.49.0010 Squid, other, fillet, frozen.
0307.49.0022 Squid (Loligo Opalescens) frozen/dried/salted/brine.
0307.49.0024 Squid (Loligo Pealei) frozen/dried/salted/brine.
0307.49.0029 Squid (Loligo non-specific) frozen/dried/salted/brine.
0307.49.0050 Squid, non-specific, frozen/dried/salted/brine.
0307.49.0060 Squid, non-specific, & cuttle fish frozen/dried/salted/brine.
1604.11.2020 Salmon, pink, canned in oil, in airtight containers.
1604.11.2030 Salmon, sockeye, canned in oil, in airtight containers.
1604.11.2090 Salmon, other, canned in oil, in airtight containers.
1604.11.4010 Salmon, chum, canned, not in oil.
1604.11.4020 Salmon, pink, canned, not in oil.
1604.11.4030 Salmon, sockeye, canned, not in oil.
1604.11.4040 Salmon, other, canned, not in oil.
1604.11.4050 Salmon, non-specific, prepared/preserved.
1604.19.2100 Fish, other, in airtight containers, not in oil.
1604.19.3100 Fish, other, in airtight containers, in oil.
1605.90.6020 Squid, loligo, prepared/preserved.
1605.90.6030 Squid, other, prepared/preserved.

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Updated: November 12, 2013