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Beaked Whales Mass Stranding in Bahamas (2000): Samples Summary

Table of Samples Collected
The full report [pdf] is also available.

Animal ID** Date Reported Location Lat/ Long Code** Samples Collected and Results
1-U mother
18' long
3/15/2000 Peterson's Cay, G.B. 26.33N/ 78.31W 1 N/A
2-U calf 3/15/2000 Peterson's Cay, G.B. 26.33N/ 78.31W 1 N/A
3-Md 14' long est. 3/15/2000 Gorda Cay, Abaco 26.06N/ 77.32W 1 *Skin- DMSO and frozen
17' long est.
3/15/2000 Sandy Pt., Abaco 26.00N/ 77.24W 1 N/A
14' long est.
3/15/2000 Rocky Pt., Abaco 26.00N/ 77.24W 1 N/A
12' long est.
3/15/2000 Sandy Pt., Abaco 25.59N/ 77.24W 1 *Skin- DMSO and frozen
15' long
3/15/2000 High Rock G.B. 26.37N/ 78.17W 2 *Skin and blubber- frozen
8-Zc subadult male
16' long
3/16/2000 Water Cay G.B. 26.26N/ 77.46W 2-3 *Histopathology [pdf]
*Gross report [pdf]
*Skull and mandible
*skin and blubber
*Ears extracted later
18' long est
3/15/2000 Red Shank Cay, G.B. 26.26N/ 77.46W 1 N/A
18' long
3/16/2000 Gold Rock Creek, G.B 26.36N/ 78.22W 3 *Histopathology [pdf]
*Gross report [pdf]
*Skull and mandible
*Stomach contents
*Skin and blubber- frozen and DMSO
*Hemolytic serum
*Renal parasites
17' long male
3/16/2000 Gold Rock Creek, G.B. 26.36N/ 78.22W 3+ *Histopathology [pdf]
*Gross report [pdf]
*Skull and mandible
*Stomach contents
*Skin and blubber
*Hemolyzed serum
*Renal parasites
juvenile male
11' long
3/16/2000 Cross Harbor Creek, G.B. 25.56N/ 77.16W 2 *Histopathology [pdf]
*Gross report [pdf]
*Intact skull and associated soft tissue
*Stomach and contents- frozen
*Skin- frozen
*Whole blood- frozen
female 5' long
3/15/2000 Powell Cay, Abaco 26.54N/ 77.29W 1-2 *Gross report [pdf]
*Hemolyzed serum [pdf]
*Intact whole body- frozen and shipped for CT scanning and necropsy
*Whole blood
18' long
3/20/2000 Old Freetown G.B. 26.35N/ 78.29W 4 *Gross report [pdf]
*Blubber parasites
21' long
3/15/2000 Royal Island, North Eleuthera 25.31N/ 76.49W 1 No samples
27' long est.
3/16/2000 Meek's Patch, North Eleuthera 25.30N/ 76.47W 1 No samples

**Animal IDs:
BMMS- Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey
Zc- Ziphius cavirostris (Cuvier's beaked whale)
Md- Mesoplodon densirostris (Blainville's beaked whale)
Sf- Stenella frontalis (Atlantic spotted dolphin)
Ba- Balaenoptera acutorostrata (minke whale)
U- unidentified beaked whales
N/A- not available

**Condition Code:
1- alive
2- fresh dead
3- moderate decomposition
4- advanced decomposition

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