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National Stranding Database Public Access

Marine Mammal Health and Response Program National Database

Thanks for your interest in marine mammal stranding data.  At this time, access to the National Stranding Database is only granted to participants active in the national stranding network.

The fields collected in the National Stranding Database are those on the Level A form.  This form is completed for every stranded marine mammal in the United States that is responded to by a member of the stranding network.

To perform a query, we need to know the information from the Level A form you are interested in receiving, and then which data you are looking for - generally a date range and a geographic area, and which species or groups of species.

An example query request would be:

Species, Date of Initial Observation, Location of Stranding, Condition at Initial Observation, Sex, Age Class, and Condition/Determination for all cetaceans stranding in ME, NH, and MA from 2010-2015.

Please send database query requests to:

Photo Credit: NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center