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Agenda: New Techniques To Diagnose Possible Noise-Related Strandings Workshop

Workshop Home | Agenda | Documents and Reports | Terms of Reference

(Note: You may also download the agenda in PDF format.)

September 7th -- Day 1
0830 Welcome, instructions and introductions - N. Young

0850 Chair's welcome - Doug Wartzok

0900 Invited presentations

  • Antonio Fernandez (EU Rep)--EU Experience and Lessons Learned
  • Katie Touhey--Triage in Mass Stranding Situations
  • Butch Rommel/ Bill McLellan--Draft Working Necropsy Protocol

1000 Coffee Break

1020 Invited presentations

  • Butch Rommel/ Bill McLellan--Draft Working Necropsy Protocol

1040 Review of the list of questions from the Terms of Reference--Doug Wartzok

1100 Further development of list of questions by workshop participants

1200 Lunch

1300 Rapporteur presents finalized list of questions for confirmation

1400 Group Discussion 1--Areas to consider in more detail on gross exam. Given that do we need to modify the tissue collection for histopathology?

  • Artifacts--How handle the knife to limit the introduction of artifact.
  • Gross pathology exam and tissue collection--areas to examine more closely
    • Dissection of mandibular fats
    • Dissection of ear, sinuses, trachea
    • Dissection CNS and brain
    • Liver, lung, pancreas, kidney, intestine
    • Blubber and lipids (coloration of blubber)
    • Cardiovascular system (quantify wall thickness)

1500 Break

1530 Continue Group Discussions

1730 Adjourn

September 8th--Day 2

0830 Report of Work Products from 1st day

0900 Group Discussion 2--Specialized Diagnostics

  • Ultrasound (Dorian Houser)
  • Gas Analysis (Sean Slyva)
  • CT Analysis (Darlene Ketten)
  • Microbiology--how intensive should we be culturing (Michael Moore)
  • Lungs and air spaces (Butch Rommel)

1000 Coffee Break

1020 Resume Group Discussion 2

1200 Lunch

1300 Discussion of Modification by Condition Code and Triage Approach for Mass Stranding (Katie Touhey and Bill McLellan)

1430 Break

1500 Integration and prioritization discussion and logistical consideration.

  • Gotta have it
  • Nice to have
  • Fantasy--not likely

1700 Adjourn

September 9th--Day 3

0830 Status check and progress review

0900 Test Necropsy

1000 Break

1020 Necropsy and Tissue Collection Continues

1200 Lunch

1300 What worked and what didn't

1500 Break

1530 Needed Modifications for Procedures

1630 Next Steps/Assignments

1700 Adjourn

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