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2017 Funded Prescott Grant Proposals

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For fiscal year 2017, 33 competitive Prescott Grants were awarded totaling $2,830,762.

2017 Funded | 2017 Received

AK | CA | CT |  FL | GA | HI | MA | MD | ME | NC | OR | TX | WA

State Applicant Project Title Award Number Federal Funding
 AK Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science Forging Public Connections with Marine Mammals through the Alaska SeaLife Center NA17NMF4390094 $29,365
AK University of Alaska Anchorage Continued Strengthening of Alaska's Marine Mammal Stranding Program through Collaborative Level B And C Reporting; Diagnostic Support and Continuing Education For Stranding Network Members NA17NMF4390097 $100,000
AK University of Alaska Fairbanks Marine Mammal Stranding Response and Reporting in Western Alaska NA17NMF4390099 $67,149
 CA California Academy of Sciences Improving Marine Mammal Stranding Response throughout the West Coast Region: A Collaborative Approach to Strandings on Beaches with Endangered Nesting Birds NA17NMF4390083 $90,772
CA California Academy of Sciences Stable Isotope Signatures in Sea Lion Vibrissae: Searching for Clues to Explain the Recent California Sea Lion Mortality Event NA17NMF4390095 $22,006
CA Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute Facility Enhancements and Operational Support for Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties NA17NMF4390090 $62,400
CA Northcoast Marine Mammal Center Going the Distance: Advancing Marine Mammal Response, Data Collection, and Education on the Lost Coast (Humboldt and Del Norte Counties of California) NA17NMF4390079 $74,881
CA San Jose State University Research Foundation Large Whale Readiness and Response in Central and Northern California NA17NMF4390111 $91,458
CA The Marine Mammal Center Investigation and Treatment of Respiratory Disease in California Sea Lions under Rehabilitation NA17NMF4390107 $96,270
CA The Regents of the University of California, Davis Campus Diagnostic Testing Support for the Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Network and Unusual Mortality Events NA17NMF4390098 $99,903
CA The Regents of the University of California, Davis Campus Improving National Capacity for Response to Oiled Marine Mammals Through Training NA17NMF4390100 $85,482
CA The Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz Enhanced Stranding Response on the Central California Coast NA17NMF4390093 $99,998
 CT Sea Research Foundation, Inc. Support and Enhancement for the Marine Mammal Stranding Program at Sea Research Foundation's Mystic Aquarium NA17NMF4390084 $100,000
 FL Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Florida Marine Mammal Stranding Network Coordination, Response, and Sample Analyses in Southwest Florida NA17NMF4390088 $95,275
FL Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute Critical Support for Marine Mammal Stranding Response along the East Coast of Central Florida: A Region of Repeated Unusual Mortality Events and Increased Dolphin Entanglements NA17NMF4390105 $99,976
FL Mote Marine Laboratory Enhanced Capacity for Ultrasound Imaging and Continued High-Level Response, Recovery, and Analyses of Stranded Cetaceans in Southwest Florida NA17NMF4390089 $58,476
FL The Florida Institute of Technology Multi-Regional HAB Toxin Diagnostics for the Marine Mammal Stranding Network NA17NMF4390082 $99,990
 GA GA Dept. of Natural Resources Maintain the Georgia Marine Mammal Stranding Network NA17NMF4390082 $76,380
 HI The Marine Mammal Center Support for a Hawaiian Monk Seal Rehabilitation Program: An Essential Tool to Species Recovery NA17NMF4390076 $98,951
HI University of Hawaii Investigating Causes of Mortality in Pacific Island Cetaceans at the University of Hawaii NA17NMF4390104 $100,000
 MA International Fund for Animal Welfare Pharmacological Desensitization of Select Large Whale Entanglement Cases to Improve Disentanglement Efficacy and Safety NA17NMF4390108 $98,128
MA International Fund for Animal Welfare Enhancing Small Cetacean Field Diagnostics and Treatments NA17NMF4390101 $96,890
 MD Maryland Department of Natural Resources Maintaining and Enhancing the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Stranding Response Program and Identifying New Pathogens Utilizing Viral Metagenomics NA17NMF4390092 $78,449
 ME College of the Atlantic Maintenance and Enhancement of the Marine Mammal Stranding Response Program (MMSRP) for the Mid-coast/Downeast region of Maine, 2017-2018 NA17NMF4390102 $99,970
ME Marine Mammals of Maine Increasing Capacity to Understand Marine Mammal Health through Stranding Response, Triage, and Necropsy in Mid-coast and Southern Maine NA17NMF4390106 $99,784
 NC Department of Environmental Quality Marine Mammal Stranding Response in Central Coastal and Northern Inland North Carolina and Continued Bottlenose Dolphin Post-UME Surveillance NA17NMF4390103 $99,950
NC University of North Carolina Wilmington Response to and Coordination of Marine Mammal Strandings in North Carolina with Special Emphasis on Bottlenose Dolphin Post-UME and Enhanced Diagnostic Monitoring NA17NMF4390085 $99,388
 OR Oregon State University Supporting and Enhancing the Capabilities of the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network NA17NMF4390077 $99,950
OR Portland State University Documenting Stranding Changes and Issues for the Northern Oregon/Southern Washington Marine Mammal Stranding Program (NOSWSP) NA17NMF4390080 $100,000
 TX Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network Support for Live and Dead Marine Mammal Response, Rehabilitation and Data Collection along the Texas Coast NA17NMF4390096 $94,391
 WA Sno-King County Marine Mammal Response Support and Enhance the Basic Needs of the Sno-King Marine Mammal Response Program in Western Washington NA17NMF4390091 $26,656
WA The Whale Museum Continued Stranding Response and Disease Surveillance in San Juan County, WA, and Improved Disentanglement Capabilities for the West Coast Region NA17NMF4390078 $90,988
WA Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Ongoing Response and Investigating Causes of Mortality in Washington Marine Mammals NA17NMF4390078 $97,486

Updated: September 7, 2017