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killer whale
A73 breaches in a net pen during rehabilitation.
Photo Credit: L. Barre, NOAA


A portion of Prescott funding is available to provide assistance for emergency marine mammal stranding events throughout the year on an as-needed basis through a competitive grant program. These emergency events should fall under one of the seven emergency national funding priorities described below.

Emergency assistance is available to eligible organizations or individuals even if they are receiving funds from the Prescott Grant Program's annual competitive award cycle. An organization or individual cannot receive emergency funds for the same activities funded under their current award during the same time period, unless an emergency event has occurred that has exhausted current funds. Emergency funds are intended for unexpected pulse events, not for the continuous operation of a stranding network member. These emergency funds will be available until expended.

Emergency Definition: An emergency is defined as a stranding or entangling event that:

Emergency Prescott National Funding Priorities:

Who Can Apply

Eligible stranding network members are currently active, authorized participants in the National Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Eligible applicants must be:

Employees (full-time or part-time) of DOC or DOI cannot apply.

After submission, the Prescott Grant Program and the appropriate NMFS Regional Stranding Coordinator will verify the applicant's eligibility and determine if the application meets the emergency qualifications.  All applications undergo both a technical and merit review process. Successful applications are also subject to a mandatory Congressional Notification period.

How to Apply

Submit proposals through Easygrants, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's (NFWF) online grant application system.

Guidance on how to prepare proposals is provided in the Guidelines for Emergency Prescott Applications [pdf].  Additional application guidance is available in the NFWF Frequently Asked Questions

The project narrative must use the provided template [doc]. Please read this document carefully to ensure that your proposal meets national priorities, eligibility requirements and is complete upon submission.


For questions on completing the emergency application:

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For more information about Easygrants, visit:

Updated: January 26, 2017