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Acropora palmata thicket on Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Andy Bruckner, 1996Coho salmon painting, Canadian Dept of Fisheries and OceansMonk seal, C.E. BowlbyHumpback whale, Dr. Lou Herman
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2003-2004 Prescott Grant Proposals

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2003-2004 Received | 2003 Funded | 2004 Funded
Federal Register 2003-2004 Notice of Solicitation [pdf] [97 KB]

2004 Prescott Funded Proposals

(Finalized by NOAA's Grants Management Division on October 25, 2004.)

State Applicant Project Title Award Number Federal Funding
AK Aleut Community of St Paul Island Assessment of northern fur seal entanglement in marine debris on the Pribilof Islands NA04NMF4390048 $100,000
AK Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science Rescue and Rehabilitation of Pinnipeds and Cetaceans in Alaska NA04NMF4390135 $99,815
AK University of AK Fairbanks Morbidity and mortality of marine mammals on the north coast of Alaska Peninsula NA04NMF4390014 $99,908
AL Marterra Foundation, Inc Enhancement of data collection Phase 2 NA04NMF4390051 $99,924
CA Marine Mammal Care Center Enhanced Veterinary Medical Program at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur NA04NMF4390045 $100,000
CA Northcoast Marine Mammal Center Enhance diagnostic and treatment abilities, improve facilities for stranded marine mammals; continue employment of facility manager and primary investigating
veterinarian to accomplish goals and objectives
NA04NMF4390055 $100,000
CA Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz Marine Mammal Pathology for the Central California NA04NMF4390138 $99,980
CA Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center Pinniped Rescue Capture Techniques Training Program NA04NMF4390042 $32,000
CA San Jose State University Foundation Movements, Dive Behavior and Survival of Post Release CA Sea Lions after Rehabilitation for Domoic Acid Toxicity NA04NMF4390046 $97,322
DC Smithsonian Institution Enhancement and Maintenance of the Smithsonian Institution's Cetacean Distributional Database and Research Collection's (Year 2) NA04NMF4390005 $97,467
FL Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute Cetacean stranding response and the development of a photographic stranding atlas for network education and training NA04NMF4390017 $94,720
FL Marine Animal Rescue Society (MARS) Improve MARS' impact on live stranding events in South Florida, while nurturing existing outreach channels with a better presence (2nd Year Funding) NA04NMF4390054 $32,602
FL Mote Marine Laboratory Enhancement of marine mammal rescue and stranding program for central west Florida NA04NMF4390018 $100,000
FL Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Diagnostic Equipment Purchase NA04NMF4390053 $54,964
FL Dynamac Corporation Marine Mammal Stranding Program on Florida's Space Coast: Upgrade Rescue and Data Collection NA04NMF4390136 $43,198
FL Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Stranding Center Pool Enhancement NA04NMF4390012 $97,763
HI Hawaiian Islands Stranding Response Group Collect consistent level A data throughout the
jurisdiction, including remote areas, and collect level B and C data from stranding of dead marine mammals
NA04NMF4390011 $100,000
HI Hawaiian Islands Stranding Response Group Collect consistent level A data throughout the jurisdiction, including remote areas, and collect level B and C data from strandings of dead marine mammals. (2nd
Year Funding)
NA04NMF4390041 $100,000
LA Audubon Nature Institute, Inc Enhancement of data collection from stranded marine mammals by the Louisiana Marine Mammal Rescue Program NA04NMF4390043 $32,740
MA Cape Cod Stranding Network, Inc
The science of stranding response: supporting data collection from live and dead stranded marine mammals on Cape Cod
NA04NMF4390044 $100,000
MA Whale Center of New England A project to increase the breadth and efficiency of marine mammal stranding response on Massachusetts' North Shore NA04NMF4390049 $86,658
MD National Aquarium in Baltimore

Enhanced operations of Marine Animal Stranding Rescue and Rehabilitation through the procurement of medical/rescue equipment (2nd Year Funding)

NA04NMF4390009 $71,344
ME College of the Atlantic Enhancement of the Marine Mammal Stranding Response Program (MMSRP) for the Mid-coast/Downeast Maine NA04NMF4390004 $66,058
NC North Carolina State University Improving live marine mammal stranding response in North Carolina through rapid diagnostic capability and short-term holding
NA04NMF4390040 $83,195
NJ Marine Mammal Stranding Center To ensure and support MMSC staffing requirements (2nd Year Funding) NA04NMF4390001 $100,000
NY Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation Evaluation of current rescue response protocols and post-rehabilitation monitoring of marine mammals through the enhancement of data collection, satellite and radio tracking, and data on the prevalence of morbilli and herpes in pinnipeds in the northwest NA04NMF4390006 $100,000
VA Virginia Institute of Marine Science Museum Recovery and treatment of Live Stranded Marine Mammals in Virginia NA04NMF4390003 $100,000
WA Cascadia Research Collective Cetacean stranding response in Washington with special attention to gray whales and harbor porpoise NA04NMF4390016 $83,595
WA Cascadia Research Collective Trends, spatial distribution, health effects of
contaminants in Washington pinnipeds
NA04NMF4390052 $96,372
WA Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Advancement of Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Program, Facilities, Techniques, Training and Research NA04NMF4390050 $99,980
WA Whale Museum Stranding response and post-mortem evaluation of stranded marine mammals in San Juan County, Washington (2nd Year Funding) NA04NMF4390047 $94,378

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