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Acropora palmata thicket on Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Andy Bruckner, 1996Coho salmon painting, Canadian Dept of Fisheries and OceansMonk seal, C.E. BowlbyHumpback whale, Dr. Lou Herman
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2011 Prescott Grant Proposals

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2011 Funded | 2011 Received
Federal Register 2011 Notice of Solicitation [pdf] (75 FR 41640)
2011 Full Funding Opportunity [pdf]

2011 Prescott Proposals Funded

State Applicant Project Title Award Number Federal Funding
Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science Alaska Region Stranding Network Enhancement NA11NMF4390099
Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science Basic Operations and Medical Care of Rehabilitation Patients NA11NMF4390100
MESC/Dauphin Island Sea Lab Establishing a regionally cooperative dolphin stranding network for Alabama NA11NMF4390080
The Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz Continued Prescott Program Enhancement of Stranding Response at University of California Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab NA11NMF4390081
Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute Basic and Enhancement Needs for Response, Treatment, and Data Collection from Stranded Marine Mammals NA11NMF4390075
California Wildlife Center Marine Mammal Stranding Response and Data Collection in northern Los Angeles County NA11NMF4390074
The Marine Mammal Center Enhancement of The Marine Mammal Center's pathology program to improve training of marine mammal pathologists with a focus on novel technologies to identify emerging pathogens. NA11NMF4390103
SeaWorld San Diego Pathology of Stranded Cetaceans from SanDiego County, California NA11NMF4390085
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Enhancement of Cetacean Bio-Monitoring in Central and Southern California NA11NMF4390097
Northcoast Marine Mammal Center Basic operational needs for stranding response, health assessment, rehabilitation, and long-term data collection of stranded marine mammals in Northern California (Humboldt and Del Norte Counties) NA11NMF4390089
Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur Staffing Support at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur NA11NMF4390092
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Support essential staffing and operational needs for comprehensive stranding response, data collection, and health assessment for stranded marine mammals occurring in Delaware NA11NMF4390073
Mote Marine Laboratory Rapid detection and response to cetacean mortalities in west central florida and collaborative life history sample analyses NA11NMF4390096
Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute Enhancing marine mammal stranding response and preparedness while providing consistent guidance and enhanced public education for marine mammal strandings along the central east coast of Florida NA11NMF4390066
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Florida Marine Mammal Stranding Network Coordination and Response in Southwest Florida NA11NMF4390067
Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Building marine mammal stranding response capability and improving public awareness about marine mammal entanglement along the North Central Gulf Coast. NA11NMF4390077
Georgia Department of Natural Resources Maintain the Georgia Marine Mammal Stranding Network NA11NMF4390071
Hawaii Pacific University Maximizing Quality and Quantity of Biological Data from Cetacean Strandings in Hawaii and the Greater Pacific NA11NMF4390087
International Fund for Animal Welfare Improving Data Collection and Human Safety in Live Marine Mammal Stranding Response NA11NMF4390078
International Fund for Animal Welfare Enhancing sample and data collection and analysis from dead stranded marine mammals NA11NMF4390079
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2011 Health Assessment of Mass Stranded Offshore Odontocetes in the Context of Body Condition NA11NMF4390093
National Marine Life Center Marine Mammal Morphological Parasite Identification Program NA11NMF4390086
College of the Atlantic Maintenance and Enhancement of the Marine Mammal Stranding Response Program (MMSRP) for the Midcoast/Downeast Region of Maine, 2011-2012 NA11NMF4390104
University of New England Operational Support and Diagnostic Enhancement NA11NMF4390068
Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Inc Enhancement of the quality of marine stranding response, data collection, and tissue analysis in Mississippi, Alabama, Southeastern Louisiana, and adjacent waters of the North Central Gulf of Mexico. NA11NMF4390088
University of North Carolina at Wilmington Response to and coordination of Marine Mammal Strandings in North Carolina NA11NMF4390105
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Central and northern North Carolina Stranding Response Program through the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries NA11NMF4390065
Marine Mammal Stranding Center Support, enhance and expand operational support services and needs of the MMSC for the rapid response, treatment and data collection from living and dead stranded marine mammals in the State of NJ. NA11NMF4390095
Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation Regional Response Coordination: Development of a Specially Trained Animal Response Team (START) NA11NMF4390082
Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation Support for Rescue Program Operations and Data Collection Enhancement NA11NMF4390076
Portland State University Strengthening Area-Specific Stranding Response, Data Analysis and Community Involvement in the Northern Oregon/Southern Washington Marine Mammal Stranding Program (NOSWSP) NA11NMF4390090
Oregon State University Enhancing the Capabilities of the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network NA11NMF4390102
Coastal Carolina University The South Carolina Marine Mammal Stranding Network: Enhancing and Supporting Stranding Response, Necropsies, Sample Analysis, and Outreach NA11NMF4390070
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network Support of Operations and Increased Capability for Response, Treatment, and Data Collection from Living and Dead Marine Mammal Stranded Along the Texas Coast. NA11NMF4390069
Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation, Inc. Supporting Expert Response to Stranded Marine Mammals in Virginia and Beyond in 2012 NA11NMF4390098
Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation, Inc. Analysis of archived stomach contents sampled from stranded Tursiops in Virginia NA11NMF4390084
The Whale Museum Marine mammal strandings and disease in San Juan County, Washington: implications for marine mammals, domestic animals and humans NA11NMF4390072
Cascadia Research Collective Stranding response in 2011-2013 as primary responders in Southern Puget Sound and Central Washington Outer Coast, and for large cetaceans in all Washington NA11NMF4390101
Port Townsend Marine Science Society Enhancing Network Response and Building Public Awareness of Marine Mammal Strandings in East Jefferson County, Washington NA11NMF4390094
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enhanced response to stranded marine mammals and investigating causes of mortality in Washington waters by WDFW NA11NMF4390091

Updated: September 1, 2011

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