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Acropora palmata thicket on Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Andy Bruckner, 1996Coho salmon painting, Canadian Dept of Fisheries and OceansMonk seal, C.E. BowlbyHumpback whale, Dr. Lou Herman
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2006 Prescott Grant Proposals

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2006 Received | 2006 Funded
Federal Register 2006 Notice of Solicitation [pdf] [156 KB]
2006 Full Funding Opportunity [pdf] [187 KB]

2006 Prescott-Hawaii Solicitation

2006 Prescott Proposals Received

Note: This is a list of all proposals received by the August 15, 2005, 11:59 PM EST deadline. Proposals have not yet been reviewed for meeting eligibility criteria or any other requirements as definined in the Full Funding Opportunity [pdf] [187 KB]. Presence of an application on this list should not be interpreted as assurance that the application has passed the initial screening.

State Applicant Project Title Federal Funding Requested
AK Alaska Whale Foundation Ships and whales in Southeast Alaska - Improving capabilities to respond to entangled whales and creating forensic standards for assessment of ship-caused UME 99,378
AK Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Assessment of northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus) entanglement in marine debris on the Pribilof Islands 99,083
AK The Alaska Sea Otter and Steller Sea Lion Commission Alaska Native Marine Mammal Stranding Network 80,000
AK The Alaska Zoo Short Term Stabilization of Stranded Pinnipeds 21,693
AK University of Alaska Anchorage The conduction system of the dolphin heart 45,430
AK University of Alaska Fairbanks Morbidity and mortality of marine mammals on the north coast of the Alaska Peninsula 100,000
AK University of Alaska Fairbanks Improvements to marine mammal data and specimen archives at UAM 100,000
AL Marterra Foundation, Inc. Enhancement of data collection with regard to collecting and storing evidence by low temperatures and by visual and acoustic methods. 63,558
CA City of Malibu Advancement of marine mammal stranding response for the city of Malibu coastline 87,698
CA Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur Equipment Replacements/Upgrades at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur 100,000
CA Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur Staffing resources upgrade at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur 83,200
CA Northcoast Marine Mammal Center Enhance response, rescue and rehabilitation on Northern California's remote coastline 100,000
CA Pacific Marine Mammal Center Enclosure renovation and pool construction project 58,539
CA Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz Enhancement of Stranding Response at University of California Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab 64,606
CA Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz Marine Mammmal Pathology Service for the Central California Coast, Part 4 99,946
CA San Jose State University Foundation A New Course and Teaching Materials for "Assessing Marine Mammal Health" 95,105
CA Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Support for and enhancement of data collection from Dead-Stranded cetaceans 63,756
CA Sea World San Diego Assessing health trends in cetacean populations in Southern California 88,500
CA Sea World San Diego Personnel for improving stranded animal response in Southern California 100,000
CA The Marine Mammal Center Development of diagnostic assays to detect lungworm (Otostrongylus circumlitus) infection in stranded northern elephant and Pacific harbor seals 99,550
CNMI Northern Marianas College Establishing a Stranding Network in the Western Pacific Region 100,000
CT Mystic Aquarium Bacterial Microfloral Composition and Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Stranded and Rehabilitated Northeast Phocids 99,999
CT Mystic Aquarium Harbor Seal Hand-rearing Formulas and Their Effect on Growth, Hormone Concentrations, and Immune Competence 100,000
CT Sea Research Foundation, Inc. (Mystic Aquarium) Support and Enhancement for the Marine Mammal Stranding Program at Mystic Aquarium 99,310
CT University of Connecticut Evaluation of immune functions as potential diagnostic and prognostic tools in stranded marine mammal, a regional approach. 100,000
CT University of Connecticut Evaluation of acoustic stress in pinipeds cetaceans as a means of enhancing assessment of acoustic injuries 99,739
DE Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Support staffing and operational needs for improved stranding response 100,000
DE Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Maximize necropsy efforts to thoroughly assess the effects of human interaction, disease, and harmful algal blooms on marine mammals stranding in Delaware 82,300
FL Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Stranding and Necropsy Training For Increasing Quality of Level A, B, and C Data Collection by the Florida Cetacean Stranding Network 99,913
FL Gulfworld Marine Mammal Data Program/Prescott Grant 90,000
FL Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc. Support of anatomic and histopathologic pathology 99,673
FL Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc. Stranding Center Enhancement, Phase II 99,584
FL Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute Enhancing live animal stranding response, assessing cetacean health trends, and evaluating neonatal mortality trends of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) along the east coast of Florida 99,479
FL Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute Validation of historic marine mammal stranding data from the southeastern United States 64,474
FL Marine Animal Rescue Society (MARS) Enhance MARS' stranding support, facility capacity, and outreach within the network through continual improvements of proven methods 99,999
FL Marine Animal Rescue Society (MARS) Improve MARS' mass stranding response capability (immediate triage and necropsy support) and post-rehabilitation monitoring preparedness for the SEUS stranding region 64,296
FL Mote Marine Laboratory Equipment Upgrade and Support for Operation of the Dolphin and Whale Hospital 100,000
FL Mote Marine Laboratory Investigating brevetoxin-induced mortality in bottlenose dolphins stranded in central west Florida 100,000
FL Nova Southeastern University An Analysis of Kogia Stranding Data Collected by the Southeast Region Marine Mammal Stranding Network 29,177
FL University of Florida Clinical Pathology and Histopathologic Processing and Analysis of Cetaceans in Northern and Central Florida 99,955
GA GA Dept. of Natural Resources Enhance Georgia Marine Mammal Stranding Network 70,848
HI Hawaiian Islands Stranding Response Group Collect consistent Level A data throughout the jurisdiction, including remote areas, and collect Level B and C data from strandings of dead marine mammals. Support basic needs for response, treatment and data collection from living and dead stranded marine mammals. 100,000
IN Purdue University Marine Mammal Microbiology Laboratory 99,998
LA Audubon Nature Institute Improving response and care for live stranded marine mammals in Louisiana 80,104
MA Cape Cod Stranding Network The Next Step: Operational Support to Enhance Stranding Response Capabilities and Promote Data Analysis and Publication 100,000
MA New England Aquarium Corporation Advancement of Clinical Care, Data Collection, and Pathology Training for Marine Mammal Stranding Response 99,954
MA New England Aquarium Corporation Surveillance for the Presence of Emerging, Existing, and Zoonotic Pathogens and Pollutant Exposure in Stranded Marine Mammals 49,031
MA The Whale Center of New England Marine mammal stranding response on Massachusetts' North Shore: Timely assistance for living animals and comprehensive regional data collection 85,026
MA Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2006 Necropsy of Fresh and Human-Impacted Marine Mammal Strandings in SE Massachusetts and Cape Cod 98,714
MD National Aquarium in Baltimore 2006 National Aquarium in Baltimore, Marine Animal Rescue Program Operations 46,800
ME College of the Atlantic Maintenance and Enhancement of the Marine Mammal Stranding Response Program (MMSRP) for the Mid-coast/Downeast Region of Maine, 2006–2007 82,890
ME Maine Department of Natural Resources Maine Strandings Collaborative Program 100,000
ME Marine Animal Lifeline Veterinary care staffing and rehabilitation supply expense support for the marine mammal rehabilitation program 100,000
ME University of New England The Enhancement of Cetacean Response, Treatment and Data Collection in Southern Maine 93,596
ME University of New England Composting as a Disposal Option 60,025
ME University of New England Harbor seal (Phoca vitulina concolor) pup Ideal Minimal Database (IMDB): individual and species health: rehabilitation success and a novel approach to harp seal (Phoca groenlandicus) hypernatremia 87,303
ME University of Southern Maine Establishing a National Resource of Marine Mammal Cell Lines for Toxicological, Infectious Disease, and Other Biomedical Research 100,000
NC University of North Carolina Wilmington Enhanced tissue collection and health monitoring of stranded marine mammals in North Carolina and Virginia 99,986
NC University of North Carolina Wilmington Enhancing response to and necropsy of large whales in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina 92,830
NJ Marine Mammal Stranding Center To enhance and support Marine Mammal Stranding Center staffing requirements 100,000
NY Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation Facility Upgrade to Enhance Operational Support and Response to Marine Mammal Strandings 100,000
OR Oregon State University Enhancing the capabilities of the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network 99,931
OR Portland State University Investigation of introgression of California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) into Steller sea lion breeding areas in Oregon 69,248
OR Portland State University Expanding the statewide sampling, necropsy and analytical capacity of the Oregon stranding network 99,833
TX Texas A & M University at Galveston Age and growth structure of stranded bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) off the coast of Texas 51,346
TX Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network Investigation of environmental factors in marine mammal strandings, utilizing data from living and dead marine mammals 100,000
TX Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network Response, treatment and data collection from living and dead stranded marine mammals 99,998
VA Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Foundation Continuing Investigation of Dead Marine Mammal Strandings in Virginia 100,000
VA Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Foundation Large Whale Stranding Response Workshop 50,683
WA Orca Network Stranding response and post-mortem examination of stranded marine mammals in Central Puget Sound, Washington 99,772
WA Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Response to stranded marine mammals and investigating causes of mortality in Washington waters 99,532
WA Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Care of Live Stranded Harbor Seals in the Northwest Region: Treatment, Data Management, Research, and Training 85,638
WA Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Renovation of physical plant to increase quality of care of live stranded animals, reduce potential transmission of pathogens from terrestrial animals and provide greater human safety 99,933

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