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Acropora palmata thicket on Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Andy Bruckner, 1996Coho salmon painting, Canadian Dept of Fisheries and OceansMonk seal, C.E. BowlbyHumpback whale, Dr. Lou Herman
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2008 Prescott Grant Proposals

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2008 Received | 2008 Funded
Federal Register 2008 Notice of Solicitation [pdf]
2008 Full Funding Opportunity [pdf]

2008 Prescott Proposals Received

State Applicant Project Title Federal Funding Requested
AK Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science Basic Operations and Medical Care of Rehabilitation Patients
AK Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science Alaska Region Stranding Network Annual Meetings and Training
AK North Gulf Oceanic Society Response to Stranded Marine Mammals in Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska
AK University of Alaska Fairbanks Marine Mammal Data and Specimen Archives at UAM
AK University of Alaska Fairbanks Morbidity and Mortality of Marine Mammals of the North Coast of the Alaska Peninsula
AK Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Responding to, Monitoring, and Preventing Fur Seal Entanglement in Marine Debris on the Pribilof Islands
CA Northcoast Marine Mammal Center Enhanced Stranding Response and Rehabilitation on the Lost Coast: Support for Basic Operational Needs and Development of Written Protocols and Manuals
CA The Marine Mammal Center Investigating the effects of L-lysine and interferon-α on phocine herpesvirus-1 infection, immune function, general health and survival of Pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) in rehabilitation
CA California Academy of Sciences Improving marine mammal data collection facilities and specimen archives at the California Academy of Sciences
CA Regents of the University of California, Davis Monitoring post-release movement and survival of rehabilitated harbor seal pups
CA Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz Continued Prescott Program Enhancement of Stranding Response at University of California Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab
CA The Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz Marine Mammal Pathology Service for the Central California Coast
CA San Jose State University Foundation A vessel for whale disentanglement in central california
CA San Jose State University Foundation Enhancing the Assessment of Pinniped Mortality by Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in Central California
CA Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Enhancement of Cetacean Bio-Monitoring in Central and Southern California
CA City of Malibu Marine Mammal Stranding Response and Data Collection for the City of Malibu
CA Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur Facility expansion and Upgrade at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur
CA Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur Can serum biomarkers of cerebral and cardiac injury be used as prognostic indicators of clinical outcome in stranded California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) exposed to domoic acid?
CA Friends of the Sea Lion, dba Pacific Marine Mammal Center Enhancement of Disease Diagnostics and Supportive Care for Stranded Marine Mammals
CT Sea Research Foundation, Inc. Support and Enhancement for the Marine Mammal Stranding Program at Mystic Aquarium
CT University of Connecticut Evaluation of Immune Functions as Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Tools in Stranded Marine Mammals, a Regional Field Testing
DE DNREC- Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife Support staffing and operational needs for enhanced sampling collection and analysis for stranded marine mammals occurring in Delaware
FL Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Furthern Investigations of the Etiopahogenesis of Kogia spp. Cardiomyopathy
FL Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute Evaluating osteological differences and morphological variation among bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Florida waters
FL Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute Enhancing public and network outreach and education in the SEUS stranding network and support for marine mammal stranding response along the east coast of Florida
FL Marine Animal Rescue Society Enhance MARS' stranding support, facility capacity and outreach within the network through continual improvements of proven methods
FL University of Florida Brevetoxin mediated damage to epithelium
FL Mote Marine Laboratory Developing a precise and accurate method to determine age of North Atlantic right whales, Eubalena glacialis: assessing age-specific mortality and serious injury associate with vessel collisions, entanglement and other threats to conservation
FL Mote Marine Laboratory Monitoring natural and human-related mortality of cetaceans along the central West coast of Florida and post-release tracking of rehabilitated animals
FL Mote Marine Laboratory Facility and Equipment Enhancement at the Dolphin and Whale Hospital
FL Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Inc. Renovations to Clearwater Marine Aquarium's existing stranding pool and upgrade of stranding equipment to enhance live and dead animal response, rehabilitation, data collection, transport, and release
FL Gulf World, Inc Enhanced Marine Mammal Veterinary Stranding Diagnostics and Steno bredanensis Initial Medical Data Collection
GA GA Department of Natural Resources Enhancing the Georgia Marine Mammal Stranding Network Through Improved Academic Collaboration
GU Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources, Department of Agriculture, Guam Building the Capacity of U.S. Insular Areas for Improving Responses to Marine Mammal Stranding Events
HI Hawaii Pacific University Continuing to Build Capacity for Cetacean Necropsies in the Main Hawaiian Islands and the Greater Pacific
LA Audubon Nature Institute, Inc. Louisania Marine Mammal Rescue Program: continued program operations and response for live and dead strandings while increasing Level A, B, and C data collection and samples for analysis
MA The Whale Center of New England Marine Mammal Stranding Responses on Massachusetts' North Shore: Timely Assistance for Living Animals and Comprehensive Regional Data Collection
MA New England Aquarium Expanding Our Understanding of Marine Mammal Strandings through Enhanced Proficiency of Staff and Volunteers, Increased Sample Collection and Analysis, and More Efficient Manipulation of Data
MA International Fund for Animal Welfare Improving Stranding Response through Enhanced Diagnostics, Increased Post-Release Monitoring, and Improved Data Management
MA National Marine Life Center Marine Mammal Morphological Parasite Identification Program with Clinical and Forensic Veterinary Case Review
MA National Marine Life Center Establishment of a Seal Rehabilitation Program on Cape Cod
MA Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2008- Examination of Offshore Large Whale Mortalities
MD National Aquarium in Baltimore 2008 Support and Enhancement of the National Aquarium in Baltimore's Marine Animal Rescue Program
MD Maryland Department of Natural Resources Enhanced Tissue and Data Collection from Dead Stranded Marine Mammals in Maryland
ME College of the Atlantic Maintenance and Enhancement of the Marine Mammal Stranding Program (MMSRP) for the Mid-Coast/Downeast Region of Maine, 2008-2009
ME University of New England Broadening Observations Through Technology, Continuation of Infectious Disease Monitoring, and Operational Support for the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center at the University of New England
ME University of New England Composting as a Disposal Option (Phase II)
ME Maine Department of Marine Resources Prescott Funds for the Maine Department of Marine Resources Marine Mammal Response
ME Maine Department of Marine Resources Prescott Funds for the Maine Department of Marine Resources Marine Mammal Recovery
ME Marine Environmental Research Institute Assessment of Contaminant Concentrations and Trends in Harbor Seals from the Northeast Region
MS Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Inc Enhancement of marine mammal stranding response, data collection, and tissue analysis in the Mississippi Sound and the adjacent waters of the North-Central Gulf of Mexico
MS Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Inc Replacement of equipment and supplies lost in Hurricane Katrina, upgrades, and operational support for Mississippi and the north-central Gulf of Mexico sub-region
NC University of North Carolina, Wilmington Enhanced tissue collection and health monitoring of stranded marine mammals in North Carolina and Virginia
NJ Marine Mammal Stranding Center Support and Enhancement for the Marine Mammal Stranding Program at MMSC
NY Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation Operational Support to Enhance Resources for Response, Treatment, and Date Collection from Living and Dead Stranded Marine Mammals Recovered in New York State
NY Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation Stranding Response- Moving from Reactive to Proactive through Development of a Critical Event Response Team (CERT) and Conducting a Mass Stranding Workshop
OR Portland State University Enhancement of Diagnostic Capabilities and Extension of Geographic Coverage for the Northern Oregon/Southern Washington Marine Mammal Stranding Program (NOSWSP)
OR Oregon State University Enhancing the Capabilities of the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network
PR Compania de Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico Marine Mammals Rehabilitation Facility/Puerto Rico Zoo
PR Department of Natural and Environmental Resources Puerto Rico Marine Mammal Rescue Program - Live rescues and necropsy facility
TX Texas State Marine Mammal Stranding Network Response, Treatment, and Data Collection from Living and Dead Marine Mammals Stranded Along the Texas Coast
TX Texas State Aquarium Texas State Aquarium Association Long-Term Care Facility for Stranded Marine Mammals
VA Virginia Aquarium Tracking the Movements of Rehabilitated Pinnipeds Released from Virginia
VA Virginia Aquarium Processing archived samples from stranded Tursiops in VA
VA Virginia Aquarium Supporting Expert Response to Stranded Marine Mammals in Virginia
WA Makah Tribe Investigations of Marine Mammal Strandings on the Makah Indian Reservation
WA The Whale Museum Response and postmortem evaluation of marine mammals stranded in San Juan County, Washington
WA Orca Network Enhanced stranding response, post-mortem examination, and diagnostics of stranded marine mammals in Central Puget Sound, Washington.
WA State of Washington, Department of Fish and Wildlife Enhanced Response to stranded marine mammals and investigating causes of mortality in Washington waters
WA Cascadia Research Collective Enhanced Reponse to Stranded Marine Mammals in Washington Including Searches of Outer Coast Beaches and Smith Island to Examine Underreporting of Stranding Rates and Follow Up of Unusual Mortalities


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