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AK Kodiak Salmon Set Gillnet Fishery

Current Classification on 2017 LOF

Category II
Estimated Number of Participants 188
Target Species Salmon
Applicable Take Reduction Plans N/A
Observer Coverage Observer coverage is calculated by the percentage of fishing days observed.  Observer coverage was 6.0% in 2002.  This fishery was not observed from 1990-2001, or 2003-2005.
Marine Mammal Species/Stocks Killed or Injured Harbor porpoise, GOA1;
Harbor seal, GOA;
Sea otter, Southwest AK;
Steller sea lion, Western U.S.

^ Number of participants estimates are based on state and federal fisheries permit data.  The estimated number of participants is expressed in terms of the number of active participants in the fishery, when possible.  If this information is not available, the estimated number of vessels or persons licensed for a particular fishery is provided.  If no recent information is available on the number of participants, then the number from the most recent LOF is used.  NMFS acknowledges that, in some cases, these estimations may be inflating actual effort.  

*Observer coverage levels include the latest information reported in the most current final Stock Assessment Report (SAR)

1 Indicates the stock or species is driving the classification of the fishery 

Note: Current classification based on final LOF, no proposed changes are reflected in this table.

Basis for Current Classification

The total annual mortality and serious injury of harbor porpoise (Gulf of Alaska [GOA] stock) in this fishery is greater than 1% and less than 50% of the stock’s Potential Biological Removal (PBR) level.


This fishery generally operates from June 9 to the end of September or early October.  Many areas are open until early October, but most fishermen remove the nets by early September.  As the runs progress in late July and change from sockeye to pink salmon, the AK Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) often reduces the length of openers if escapement goals have not been met.  Fishing effort begins to reduce in mid- to late-August as salmon runs begin to decline. 

This fishery consists of two Districts, the Northwest District from Spruce Island to the south side of Uyak Bay, and the Alitak Bay District located on the southwestern corner of Kodiak Island.  In most years, the Northwest District is fished by approximately 100 permit holders and constitutes approximately 70% of the annual fishing effort, while the Alitak Bay District is fished by approximately 70 permit holders and constitutes approximately 30% of the annual fishing effort.  Traditionally, the Northwest District is open for the majority of June and July, while effort in the Alitak Bay District typically occurs 5 to 7 days out of every 10 days during the fishing season. 

Gear Description

This fishery uses set gillnet gear with continuous soak times during the opener[1].  Fishing effort occurs during the day, with the catch is picked from the net two or more times each day.  The majority of set gillnets are attached to a shore lead up to 80 fathoms (480 ft; 146 m) long in a straight line to a king buoy offshore, with numerous anchor lines and buoys holding the net in place.  The last 25 fathoms (150 ft; 46 m) of the net is usually formed into a fish trap, also called a hook.   

[1] Salmon may only be fished commercially during periods known as openers established by the AK Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) in-season.  Openers may last days or weeks.  The ADFG posts weekly notices of fishing openers and announces the openers on regular radio channels.  Fishing periods are often extended by emergency order during the last 24 hours of the opener.


This fishery is managed by the ADFG as a limited entry fishery with gear restrictions on the mesh and net size, and area closures. 

Historical Information

Original Category (Year added to the LOF) III (1996)
Original Number of Participants 162
Basis for Original Classification This fishery was categorized as a Category II based on logbook data.  The total mortality and serious injury of harbor porpoise (GOA stock) was 4 animals/year, or 1.6% of PBR.
Past Names N/A
Species/stocks historically documented as killed or injured (but not currently on the list) N/A


Timeline of Changes

  • Steller sea lion (Western U.S.) added to update the list of stocks associated with the fisheries delineated 2004 (into more discrete fisheries according to area, gear and target species to reflect fisheries as managed under the relevant Fishery Management Plans).
  • Added a superscript “1” in Table 1 after harbor porpoise (GOA), indicating that takes of this stock are driving the classification of the fishery.
  • Estimated number of participants updated from 172 to 188.
  • Sea otter (Southwest AK) added based on recent reported interactions.
  • Estimated number of participants updated from 173 to 172.
  • The stock of harbor porpoise on the list of species killed/injured in this fishery was changed from “AK” to “GOA.”
  • Estimated number of participants updated from 162 to 173.


Updated January 15, 2017