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AK Peninsula/Aleutian Islands Salmon Drift Gillnet

Current Classification on 2017 LOF

Category II
Estimated Number of Participants 162
Target Species salmon
Applicable Take Reduction Plans None
Observer Coverage Observer coverage is calculated by the percentage of estimated sets observed (in South Unimak area only).  Observer coverage was 4% in 1990.  The fishery was not observed from 1991-2005.
Marine Mammal Species/Stocks Killed or Injured Dall’s porpoise, AK;
Harbor seal, GOA;
Harbor porpoise, GOA;
Northern fur seal, Eastern Pacific.

^ Number of participants estimates are based on state and federal fisheries permit data.  The estimated number of participants is expressed in terms of the number of active participants in the fishery, when possible.  If this information is not available, the estimated number of vessels or persons licensed for a particular fishery is provided.  If no recent information is available on the number of participants, then the number from the most recent LOF is used.  NMFS acknowledges that, in some cases, these estimations may be inflating actual effort.  

*Observer coverage levels include the latest information reported in the most current final Stock Assessment Report (SAR)

1 Indicates the stock or species is driving the classification of the fishery 

Note: Current classification based on final LOF, no proposed changes are reflected in this table.

Basis for Current Classification

Based on analogy to other Category II AK drift gillnet fisheries that use similar gear and operate in the same manner as this fishery.


The fishery operates from mid-June to mid-September in two districts north of the Alaska Peninsula (Northern and Northwestern) and four districts south of the AK Peninsula (Unimake, Southwestern, Southcentral, and Southeastern). 

Gear Description

This fishery uses drift gillnet gear with soak times of 2-5 hours.  The gear is set during the day and night, with 3-8 sets per day. 


This drift gillnet fishery is managed by the AK Department of Fish and Game as a limited entry fishery with gear restrictions on the mesh and net size, and area closures.


Historical Information

Original Category (Year added to the LOF) II (1996)
Original Number of Participants 107
Basis for Original Classification

This fishery was categorized as a Category II by analogy with other category II AK drift gillnet fisheries, and because of inadequate observer data since 1991.  The low levels of observer coverage across all fisheries were inadequate to determine mortality and serious injury levels of marine mammals across all fisheries, but available data suggested that mortality and serious injury may have exceeded 10% of the Potential Biological Removal (PBR) level for some stocks.  Known Dall's porpoise mortality and serious injury was 28 animals/year, or 1.8% of PBR (PBR=1,556).  Also, level of harbor porpoise take documented in logbooks was more than 10% across all fisheries, and because logbook reports represent an underestimate of total take, the total impact to harbor porpoises may be more than 1% in this fishery.

Past Names AK Peninsula/Aleutians salmon drift gillnet (until 1999)
Species/stocks historically documented as killed or injured (but not currently on the list) N/A


Timeline of Changes

  • Estimated number of participants updated from 164 to 162.
  • Added a superscript “2” in Table 1 after this fishery, indicating that this fishery is classified by analogy.
  • Estimated number of participants updated from 163 to 164.
  • Renamed the fishery from “AK Peninsula/Aleutians salmon drift gillnet” to "Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Islands salmon drift gillnet" to specify the exact geographic location of fishing effort
  • Estimated number of participants updated from 107 to 163.
  • The stock of harbor porpoise on the list of species/stocks killed/injured in this fishery was changed from “AK” to “Gulf of AK.”
  • Estimated number of participants updated from 107 to 164.


Updated January 15, 2017