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Meeting 7: False Killer Whale Take Reduction Team

DISCLAIMER: This website is intended to support deliberations of the Federally-appointed False Killer Whale Take Reduction Team. Specifically, the Team uses this site to access meeting documents, presentations, and interim draft work products developed by the Team; documents are not considered "final" unless specifically noted as such.

Meeting 7:
April 29-May 1, 2015

Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head Hotel

All documents are in PDF format.


Day 1: April 29, 2015

  1. Revised stock boundaries for false killer whales in Hawaiian waters – Bradford
  2. New approach for prorating false killer whale bycatch – Oleson
  3. Testing hook-tissue interactions in pilot whale mouths – part 2 – McLellan
  4. Observed interactions of false killer whales and other protected species 2013-present – Young
  5. 2014 Hawaii longline logbook summary - Ito
  6. Western Pacific Fishery Management Council updates – Dalzell and Ishizaki
  7. TRT Research Priorities 2013/2014 revision – Young
  8. Overview of TRP Research Recommendations – Oleson
  9. Cetacean assessment using passive acoustics – Oleson
  10. False killer whale movements in relation to longline fishing activity – Baird
  11. SEASWAP video, acoustic, and accelerometer project – O’Connell
  12. Council update part 2 – catch-triggered deterrence device proposal - Ishizaki

Day 2: April 30, 2015

  1. Overview of TRP Monitoring Strategy – Young
  2. Preliminary analyses of pre-TRP vs. post-TRP observer data - Forney
  3. Hawaii deep-set fishery annual effort 2002-2013 - Oleson
  4. Characterization of hooks and observed interactions - Young
  5. TRT Handling/Release Work Group overview – Young
  6. NMFS Protected Species Workshop overview – Torres

Day 3: May 1, 2015

  1. TRT Non-Longline Fisheries Work Group overview – Young
  2. False killer whale interactions in Hawaii waters - Baird
  3. Marine mammals reported under Catch Lost to Predators on fishermen’s commercial catch reports to State of Hawaii 2003-2014 - Oleson
  4. Preliminary analysis of HDAR fisheries data to assess potential overlap with false killer whales - Baird

Handouts and Reference Materials

  1. Summary of observed false killer whale interactions in Hawaii longline fisheries 2013-April 2015 (supports presentation #4 above)
  2. Observed hook variety in deep-set fishery and involvement in false killer whale interactions (supports presentation #16 above)
  3. Characteristics of observed false killer whale interactions 2013-April 2015 (supports presentation #16 above)
  4. Training for Hawaii longline vessel captains: how to release a hooked false killer whale – Video Supplement
  5. NMFS Marine Mammal Handling and Release Guidelines placard (supports presentation #18 above)
  6. Fishery maps (supports L. Madge’s Day 3 oral presentation, no additional presentation materials)

Meeting Documents

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Updated: June 16, 2015