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Orientation: False Killer Whale Take Reduction Team

DISCLAIMER: This website is intended to support deliberations of the Federally-appointed False Killer Whale Take Reduction Team. Specifically, the Team uses this site to access meeting documents, presentations, and interim draft work products developed by the Team; documents are not considered "final" unless specifically noted as such.

Orientation Documents (part of Meeting 1)
February 17, 2010
Honolulu, HI


  1. MMPA & Take Reduction Process Overview - N_Young
  2. Stock Assessment Overview - K_Forney & E_Oleson

Complete Orientation Binder [pdf]

1. Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) and Section 118 (Take of Marine Mammals Incidental to Commercial Fishing Operations)

  1. MMPA Fact Sheet
  2. Overview of the MMPA
  3. Overview of Take Reduction Planning
  4. Marine Mammal Take Reduction Program
  5. Text of MMPA Section 118
  6. MMPA List of Fisheries (LOF)
    1. Overview of LOF
    2. Final 2008 LOF(72 FR 66048, November 27, 2007)
    3. Final 2009 LOF(73 FR 73032, December 1, 2008)
    4. Proposed 2010 LOF(74 FR 27739, June 11, 2009)
    5. Final 2010 LOF (74 FR 58859, November 16, 2009)
  7. Overview of Marine Mammal Authorization Program (MMAP)
  8. Pacific Islands Regional Office MMAP Permit Holder Letter for 2010
  9. Marine Mammal Mortality/ Injury Reporting Form
  10. Overview of Zero Mortality Rate Goal (ZMRG): MMPA Section 118(b)
  11. Final Rule Defining the Insignificance Threshold (69 FR 43338, July 20, 2004)

2. Section 117 of the MMPA (Stock Assessment)

  1. Overview of Marine Mammal Stock Assessment Reports (SARs)
  2. Text of MMPA Section 117

3. Other Relevant Statutes and Mandates

  1. Summary of Laws and Executive Orders Applicable to the Take Reduction Plan Process
  2. Endangered Species Act (ESA) Factsheet
  3. Overview of ESA
  4. Overview of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)