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Bottlenose Dolphin Take Reduction Team Members

Take Reduction Plan | Team Members | Meetings

Bottlenose Dolphin Take Reduction Team Members:

Commercial Fishery Representatives:

  1. Mike Baker - Florida Shark Gillnet Fishery
  2. Paul Biermann - North Carolina Gillnet Fishery
  3. Sammy Corbett - North Carolina Gillnet and Crab Pot Fisheries
  4. Martin Dunson - Florida Crab Pot Fishery
  5. Joey Frost - North Carolina Stop Net Fishery
  6. Kenneth Heath - Virginia Pound Net Fishery
  7. Chris Hickman - Long Haul Seine Fishery and North Carolina Gillnet Fisheries
  8. Raymond King - Florida and Georgia Crab Trap/Pot Fishery
  9. Richard Luedtke - New Jersey Gillnet Fishery
  10. Rick Marks - New Jersey Gillnet and Haul Seine Fisheries
  11. Dave Martin - Maryland Gillnet Fishery
  12. Sean McKeon - North Carolina Fisheries Association
  13. Peter Nixon - Virginia Gillnet, Beach Seine, Crab Pot, and Pound Net Fisheries
  14. Mike Peele - North Carolina Beach Seine, Pound Net, and Gillnet Fisheries
  15. Joe Speight - North Carolina Beach Seine Fishery
  16. Leonard Voss - Delaware Gillnet and Crab Pot Fisheries
  17. Christopher Walker - Virginia Gillnet Fishery
  18. Robert West - North Carolina Gillnet, Pound Net, and Crab Pot Fisheries
  19. Drew Willis - North Carolina Recreational Crab Pot and Gillnet Fisheries
  20. David Woolman - South Carolina Crab Pot Representative

Council and Interstate Fishery Representatives:

  1. David Cupka - South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  2. Melissa Paine - Atlantic State Marine Fishery Commission
  3. Richard Seagraves - Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council

State and Federal Representatives:

  1. Dean Cain - South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  2. Laura Engleby - National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office
  3. Sally Roman - Virginia Marine Resources Commission
  4. Mike Greco - Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
  5. Steve Heins - New York Department of Environmental Conservation
  6. Peter Himchak- New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
  7. David Laist - Marine Mammal Commission
  8. Kristy Long - National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Protected Resources
  9. Red Munden - North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries
  10. Steve Early - Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  11. Tom Pitchford - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  12. A.G. Woodward - Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Non-Governmental Representatives:

  1. Beth Lowell - Oceana
  2. Sierra Weaver - Defenders of Wildlife
  3. Courtney Vail - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
  4. Sharon Young - Humane Society of the United States

Research/Academic Representatives:

  1. Joseph DeAlteris - University of Rhode Island
  2. William McClellan - University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  3. Andrew Read - Duke University
  4. Mark Swingle - Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center
  5. Randy Wells - Mote Marine Laboratory

More Information


  • David Hilton, National Marine Fisheries Service Fishery Liaison for BDTRT,
  • Stacey Horstman, National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Region,

Updated: March 26, 2014

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