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Marine Mammal Take Reduction Teams


What's New?

» NMFS reconvened Pelagic Longline Take Reduction Team to develop measures to reduce pilot whale bycatch

» Final Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan amendment to reduce the risk of large whale entanglements in commercial trap/pot and gillnet fishing gear

» Amendments to Bottlenose Dolphin Plan for Virginia pound net fishing gear

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TRT Fact Sheet
TRT Fact Sheet

  Harbor Porpoise
Harbor Porpoise
(Phocoena phocoena)
Photo: NOAA



Inactive Teams

The Atlantic Offshore Cetacean Take Reduction Team (disbanded in 2001) was convened in May 1996 to reduce the incidental mortality and serious injury of the following species by the Atlantic pelagic driftnet, pelagic longline, and pair trawl fisheries:

The Team reached consensus on several strategies to reduce mortalities and serious injuries in each fishery and prepared a proposed Plan [pdf] in November 1996. Each of the three fisheries in the plan had a major change since the team originally convened. Two of the three fisheries covered by the draft Plan no longer existed:

Since the nature of the fisheries that were included in the Plan had changed tremendously since 1996 when the Team was convened, NMFS disbanded the Team in August 2001.

The Mid-Atlantic Take Reduction Team became the Harbor Porpoise Team (implemented in 1998). NMFS originally convened the Mid-Atlantic Team to develop a take reduction plan for harbor porpoises and coastal bottlenose dolphins. However, a plan to reduce fisheries interactions with harbor porpoise was given the highest priority because of the stock's vulnerability. Also, NMFS needed to collect and analyze additional data for bottlenose dolphins. (Since 1995, NMFS developed better abundance estimates, identified and distinguished different stocks, and monitored interactions with commercial fisheries, including at-sea observer programs and stranding response efforts for Atlantic bottlenose dolphin stocks.) Thus, the Mid-Atlantic Team became the Mid-Atlantic Harbor Porpoise Team.

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Updated: October 6, 2016