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Marine Mammal Protection Act Policies, Guidance, and Regulations

Distinguishing Serious from Non-Serious Injury of Marine Mammals

Policy/Guidance/Regulation Date

National Policy for Distinguishing Serious From Non-Serious Injuries of Marine Mammals

NOAA Technical Memo on the 2007 Serious Injury Workshop [pdf]

Guidelines for Differentiating Serious and Non-serious Injury of Marine Mammals Incident to Commercial Fishing [pdf]



Stock Assessment Reports

Policy/Guidance/Regulation Date

Guidelines for Assessing Marine Mammal Stock Assessment Reports (GAMMS)



Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program

Policy/Guidance/Regulation Date
Stranding Response and Marine Mammal Health Policies and Guidances various


Regulations on Marine Mammals

Regulations Date
MMPA Regulations (50 CFR 216) [pdf] 2005

Updated: February 22, 2016