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OPR Tech Memos

Below is a list of "NMFS-OPR" series tech memos, which are published by the NMFS Office of Protected Resources.

(All publications are in PDF format.)

No. Title Author(s) Year Size
NMFS-OPR-57 Technical Memorandum for 2015 Vessel Activity in the Arctic

Adams, D., Jeffrey, Gregory K., Silber 2017 77 MB
NMFS-OPR-56 Collaborative Development of Recommendations for Euthanasia of Stranded Cetaceans Barco, S., Walton, W., Harms, C., George, R., D'Eri, L., and Swingle, W. 2016 2.88 MB
NMFS-OPR-55 Technical Guidance for Assessing the Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammal Hearing NMFS 2016 4.64 MB
NMFS-OPR-54 Report of a Workshop on Best Approaches and Needs for Projecting Marine Mammal Distributions in a Changing Climate Silber, Gregory K., Matthew Lettrich, and Peter O. Thomas 2016 770 KB
NMFS-OPR-53 Report of the Technical Expert Workshop: Developing National Criteria for Assessing Post-Interaction Mortality of Sea Turtles in Trawl, Net, and Pot/Trap Fisheries Stacy, Brian A., Jennifer L. Keene, and Barbara A. Schroeder 2016 7.87 MB
NMFS-OPR-52 Pinniped and Cetacean Oil Spill Response Guidelines Ziccardi, M.H., Wilkin, S.M., Rowles, T.K., and Johnson, S. 2015 3.16 MB
NMFS-OPR-51 Status Review of the Sakhalin Bay-Amur River Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus leucas) under the Marine Mammal Protection Act

Bettridge, S., R.L. Brownell Jr., M.A. Garcia, R.C. Hobbs, C.L. McCarty, R.D. Methot Jr., D.L. Palka, P.E. Rosel, K.S. Swails, and B.L. Taylor 

2016 1.14 MB
NMFS-OPR-50 Summary of the Technical Expert Workshop on Marine Mammal Non-Lethal Deterrents,
10-12 February 2015, Seattle, Washington
Long, Kristy J.(Chair), DeAngelis, Monica  L., Engleby, Laura K., Fauquier, Deborah A., Johnson, Amanda J., Kraus, Scott D., and Northridge, Simon P. 2015 0.45 MB
NMFS-OPR-49 National Standards for a Protected Species Observer and Data Management Program: A Model Using Geological and Geophysical Surveys Baker, K., D. Epperson, G. Gitschlag, H. Goldstein, J. Lewandowski, K. Skrupky, B. Smith, and T. Turk. 2013 4.3 MB
NMFS-OPR-48 An Assessment of the Final Rule to Implement Vessel Speed Restrictions to Reduce the Threat of Vessel Collisions with North Atlantic Right Whales Silber, G.K. and S. Bettridge. 2012 2.9 MB
NMFS-OPR-47 Guidelines for Assessing Marine Mammal Stocks: Report of the GAMMS III Workshop, February 2011, La Jolla, CA Moore, J.E., and Merrick, R. (editors) 2011 1.3 MB
NMFS-OPR-46 not yet published
NMFS-OPR-45 A Protocol for Use of Shortnose, Atlantic, Gulf, and Green Sturgeons Kahn and Mohead 2010 524 KB
NMFS-OPR-44 Vessel Operations in Right Whale Protection Areas in 2009 Silber, G.K. and Bettridge, S. 2010 558 KB
NMFS-OPR-43 Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Corallium Science, Management, and Trade Bruckner, A.W. and G. G. Roberts (editors) 2009 1.2 MB
NMFS-OPR-42 Report of a Workshop to Identify and Assess Technologies to reduce ship strikes of large whales Silber, G.K., S. Bettridge, and D. Cottingham 2009 401 KB
NMFS-OPR-41 Report of the U.S. Longline Bycatch Reduction Assessment and Planning Workshop NMFS Office of Protected Resources 2008 202 KB
NMFS-OPR-40 Proceedings of the International Cyanide Detection Testing Workshop Bruckner, A.W. and G. Roberts (editors) 2008 1.2 MB Collaborative Development of Recommendations for Euthanasia of Stranded Cetaceans
NMFS-OPR-39 Differentiating Serious and Non-Serious Injury of Marine Mammals: Report of the Serious Injury Technical Workshop Andersen, M. S., K. A. Forney, T. V. N. Cole, T. Eagle, R. Angliss, K. Long, L. Barre, L. Van Atta, D. Borggaard, T. Rowles, B. Norberg, J. Whaley, and L. Engleby. 2008 375 KB
NMFS-OPR-38 In-water sea turtle monitoring and research in Florida: review and recommendations Eaton, C., E. McMichael, B. Witherington, A. Foley, R. Hardy, and A. Meylan. 2008 7.1 MB
NMFS-OPR-37 Conservation Units of Managed Fish, Threatened or Endangered Species, and Marine Mammals Report of a Workshop: February 14-16, 2006 Silver Spring, Maryland Thomas C. Eagle (Chair), Steven X. Cadrin, Megan E. Caldwell, Richard D. Methot, Marta F. Nammack 2008 1.2 MB
NMFS-OPR-36 Worldwide Bycatch of Cetaceans: An evaluation of the most significant threats to cetaceans, affected species and geographic areas of high risk, and recommended actions from various independent institutions Young, N.M. and S. Iudicello 2007 2.6 MB
NMFS-OPR-35 Best Practices for the Collection of Longline Data to Facilitate Research and Analysis to Reduce Bycatch of Protected Species: Report of a workshop held at the International Fisheries Observer Conference Sydney, Australia, November 8, 2004 Dietrich, K., V.R. Cornish, K.S. Rivera, T.A. Conant 2007 776 KB
NMFS-OPR-34 The proceedings of the CITES workshop on the conservation of sea cucumbers in the families Holothuridae and Stichopodidae. Bruckner, Andrew W. 2006 1.8 MB
NMFS-OPR-33 Review of the Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Event Response Program of the National Marine Fisheries Service Gulland, F.M.D. 2006 660 KB
NMFS-OPR-32 Bottlenose Dolphins and Brevetoxins: A Coordinated Research and Response Plan Gaydos, J. K. 2006 324 KB
NMFS-OPR-31 Hawaiian melon-headed whale (Peponocephala electra) mass stranding event of July 3-4, 2004 Southall, B. L., R. Braun, F. M. D. Gulland, A. D. Heard, R. W. Baird, S. M. Wilkin and T. K. Rowles 2006 4.4 MB
NMFS-OPR-30 Protected Resources Program & the National Marine Sanctuary Program Strategic Planning Workshop Final Report. Working Together to Conserve and Recover Protected Resources in National Marine Sanctuaries NMFS 2006 726 KB
NMFS-OPR-29 Report of the Workshop on Marine Turtle Longline Post-Interaction Mortality Ryder, Cheryl E., Therese A. Conant, and Barbara A. Schroeder >2006 297 KB
NMFS-OPR-28 Deep Sea Coral Collection Protocols Etnoyer, P., S. D. Cairns, J. A. Sanchez, J. K. Reed, J.V. Lopez, W.W. Schroeder, S. D. Brooke, L. Watling, A. Baco-Taylor, G. C. Williams, A. Lindner, S. C. France, and A.W. Bruckner. 2006 1.1 MB
NMFS-OPR-27 The Proceedings of the International Workshop on CITES Implementation for Seahorse Conservation and Trade Bruckner, Andrew W., John D. Field, and Nancy Daves 2004 592 KB
NMFS-OPR-26 Proceedings of an International Technical Expert Workshop on Marine Turtle Bycatch in Longline Fisheries Long, Kristy J., and Barbara A. Schroeder (editors) 2004 7.4 MB
NMFS-OPR-25 Large Whale Ship Strike Database Jensen, Aleria S., and Gregory K. Silber 2003 240 KB
NMFS-OPR-24 Proceedings of the Caribbean Acropora Workshop: Potential Application of the U.S. Endangered Species Act as a Conservation Strategy, April 16-18, 2002, Miami, Florida Bruckner, Andrew W. 2003 4.6 MB
NMFS-OPR-23 Proceedings of the International workshop on the trade in stony corals: Development of Sustainable Management Guidelines Bruckner, Andrew W. 2002 944 KB
NMFS-OPR-22 Priorities for Effective Management of Coral Diseases Bruckner, Andrew W. 2002 800 KB
NMFS-OPR-21 Report of a workshop on developing recovery criteria for large whale species Angliss, Robyn P. et al. 2002 201 KB
NMFS-OPR-20 Ship traffic patterns in right whale critical habitat: Year one of the mandatory ship reporting system Silber, Gregory K. et al. 2002 866 KB
NMFS-OPR-19 Workshop to design an experiment to determine the effects of longline gear modifications on sea turtle bycatch rates Edited by: Bolten, Alan B. et al. 2000 880 KB
NMFS-OPR-18 A protocol for use of shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon Moser, Mary L. et al. 2000 384 KB
NMFS-OPR-17 Domoic acid toxicity in California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) stranded along the central California coast, May-October 1998 Gulland, Frances 2000 1.9 MB
NMFS-OPR-16 Marine aquaculture, marine mammals, and marine turtles interactions workshop Moore and Wieting, editors 2000 1.1 MB
NMFS-OPR-15 Gross evidence of human-induced mortality in small cetaceans Read and Murray 2000 1.7 MB
NMFS-OPR-14 Development of a process for the long-term monitoring of MMPA category I and II commercial. Proceedings of a workshop held in Silver Spring, Maryland, 15-16 June 1998 Didier and Cornish 1999 6.2 MB
NMFS-OPR-13 Differentiating Serious and Non-serious Injury of Marine Mammals Taken Incidental to Commercial Fishing Operations: Proceedings of the Serious Injury Workshop; 1-2 April 1997, Silver Spring, MD Angliss and DeMaster 1998 3.3 MB
NMFS-OPR-12 Guidelines for Assessing Marine Mammal Stocks: Report of the GAMMS Workshop April 3-5, 1996, Seattle, Washington Wade and Angliss 1997 273 KB
NMFS-OPR-11 Report of the Workshop to Assess Research and Other Needs and Opportunities Related to Humpback Whale Management in the Hawaiian Islands Payne et al. 1997 482 KB
NMFS-OPR-10 Acoustic Deterrence of Harmful Marine Mammal-Fishery Interactions Reeves et al. 1996 2.9 MB
NMFS-OPR-9 National Contingency Plan for Response to Unusual Marine Mammal Mortality Events Wilkinson 1996 11.9 MB
NMFS-OPR-8 Rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine mammals: an analysis of current views and practices St. Aubin et al. 1996 1.7 MB
NMFS-OPR-7 Pelatic longline fishery-sea turtle interactions Williams et al. 1996 602 KB
NMFS-OPR-6 U.S. marine mammal stock assessments: guidelines for preparation, background, and a summary of the 1995 assessments Barlow et al. 1995 234 KB
NMFS-OPR-5 Evaluation of a fisheries model for the harvest of hawksbill sea turtles, Eretmochelys imbricata, in Cuba Heppell et al. 1995 4.4 MB
NMFS-OPR-4 Coastal stock(s) of Atlantic bottlenose dolphin: Status review and management Wang et al. 1994 5.4 MB
NMFS-OPR-3 Review of the Kemp's Ridley sea turtle headstart program Eckert et al. 1994 486 KB
NMFS-OPR-94-3 Pinniped Forensic, Necropsy, and Tissue Collection Guide Dierauf, L.A. 1994 2.9 MB
NMFS-OPR-94-2 Marine mammal health and stranding response program: program development plan Becker et al. 1994 1.5 MB
NMFS-OPR-94-1 NMFS Observer Programs: Minutes and recommendations from a workshop held in Galveston, TX Nov 10-11, 1993 Credle et al. 1994 7.8 MB

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Updated: March 16, 2017