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Candidate and Proposed Species Under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)

Candidate species are any species that are undergoing a status review that we have announced in a Federal Register notice, whether or not they are the subject of a petition. For detailed definitions and explanations, please refer to the 2006 Candidate Species Definition (71 FR 61022, 10/17/2006).

Proposed species are those candidate species that were found to warrant listing as either threatened or endangered and were officially proposed as such in a Federal Register notice after the completion of a status review and consideration of other protective conservation measures. We always seek public comment on a proposal to list species under the ESA. We generally have one year after a species is proposed for listing under the ESA to make a final determination whether to list a species as threatened or endangered.

Candidates for Listing (25 candidate "species")

Species Year Federal Register notice

3 bony fish species

  • grouper, comb
    (Mycteroperca fusca)
  • grouper, Gulf
    (Mycteroperca jordani)
  • parrotfish, greenback
    (Scarus trispinosus)
2014 79 FR 10104
clownfish, orange
(Amphiprion percula)
2014 79 FR 52276
(Brosme brosme)
2007 72 FR 10710
ray, Caribbean electric
(Narcine bancroftii)
2014 79 FR 4877
seahorse, dwarf
(Hippocampus zosterae)
2012 77 FR 26478
shad, Alabama
(Alosa alabamae)
2013 78 FR 57611
shark, common thresher
(Alopias vulpinus)
2015 80 FR 11379

8 shark species

2013 78 FR 69376

5 skate & ray species

  • guitarfish
    (Rhinobatos rhinobatos)
  • guitarfish, blackchin
    (Rhinobatos cemiculus)
  • guitarfish, Brazilian
    (Rhinobatos horkelii)
  • ray, undulate
    (Raja undulata)
  • skate, greytail
    (Bathyraja griseocauda)
2014 79 FR 10104
Marine Mammals

2 marine mammal species

2014 79 FR 9880

seal, Pacific harbor (1 candidate DPS)
(Phoca vitulina richardii)

  • Iliamna Lake
2013 78 FR 29098


Proposed for Listing (19 proposed "species")

Species Year Proposed Status
cardinalfish, Banggai
(Pteropogon kauderni)
2014 proposed threatened

coelacanth, African (1 DPS)
(Latimeria chalumnae)

  • Tanzanian DPS
2015 proposed threatened
grouper, Nassau
(Epinephelus striatus)
2014 proposed
shark, Harrisson's dogfish
(Centrophorus harrissoni)
2014 proposed threatened
Marine Invertebrates

3 coral species

2014 proposed endangered
Marine Reptiles
sea snake, dusky
(Aipysurus fuscus)
2014 proposed endangered

sea turtle, green (11 DPSs)
(Chelonia mydas)

  • Central North Pacific
  • East Indian-West Pacific
  • East Pacific
  • North Atlantic
  • North Indian
  • South Atlantic
  • Southwest Indian
2015 proposed threatened
  • Central South Pacific
  • Central West Pacific
  • Mediterranean
proposed endangered


Endangered and Threatened Species Under NMFS' Jurisdiction:

Additional Species:

Updated: March 20, 2015