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Petitions Awaiting 90-Day Findings

Species Date Received Requested ESA Action
(linked to petition)
damselfish, yellowtail
(Microspathodon chrysurus)
09/14/2012 List as Threatened or Endangered and Designate Critical Habitat
shark, common thresher
(Alopias vulpinus)
08/26/2014 List as Threatened or Endangered and Designate Critical Habitat
sturgeon, shortnose
(Acipenser brevirostrum)
09/24/2014 Delist the Saint John River population
Marine Mammals
whale, Bryde's
(Balaenoptera edeni)
09/18/2014 List the Gulf of Mexico population as Endangered and Designate Critical Habitat

Petition Process

If a petition to list a species presents substantial information that the petitioned action may be warranted, a positive 90-day finding is published in the Federal Register and the species becomes a Candidate for listing under the ESA.

If a petition does not present substantial information, a negative 90-day finding denying the petition is published in a Federal Register notice.

More information on how species are listed under the ESA is also available.

Updated: September 30, 2014