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References Cited In 90-Day Finding on Petition to List 81 Species under the ESA


23 Species of Corals: References Cited in 90-Day Finding (RIN 0648-XC822; 78 FR 63941)

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3 Hagfish and 3 Sea Snakes: References Cited in 90-Day Finding (RIN 0648-XC86; 78 FR 66675)

 Multiple Species and Subpopulations of Marine Mammals: References Cited in 90-Day Finding (RIN 0648-XC924; 79 FR 9880)

22 Species of Sharks: References Cited in 90-Day Finding (RIN 0648-XC89; 78 FR 69376)

 25 Species of Skates, Rays, and Bony Fishes: References Cited in 90-Day Finding (RIN: 0648-XD08, 79 FR 10104)

Updated: February 25, 2014