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Sea Turtle Week 2017

June 12, 2017

Join us as we celebrate Sea Turtle Week to highlight these fascinating creatures! Of the 7 species of sea turtles, 6 are found in U.S. waters. All sea turtles occurring in U.S. waters are listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). 10 populations are endangered and 6 populations are threatened.

Each day NOAA Fisheries and our partners work hard to do what we can to improve the conservation and recovery of threatened and endangered sea turtles. Your support is critical to sustain these important conservation efforts. Sea Turtle Week is an opportunity to share with our friends, families, colleagues and our larger communities why it is important to conserve and recover sea turtles, as well as what we each can do to help preserve these magnificent animals.

This Sea Turtle Week, we highlight our continuing efforts to improve the conservation of Pacific leatherbacks, a NOAA Fisheries' Species in the Spotlight. Find out more about this and our other sea turtle recovery efforts in the features below.

Sea Turtle Features
VIDEO: Pacific Leatherback Recovery
Find out learn what NOAA is doing and what you can do to help recover these endangered populations.
VIDEO: My Haggan Dream
As a girl on Saipan prepares to celebrate her birthday, a green sea turtle appears to her in a dream asking "Where will my babies be born?" Join her journey to learn more and discover sea turtles' importance to the islands where they nest.
VIDEO: The Science Behind a Florida Turtle Study
Join Fisheries biologists off the Gulf Coast of Florida as they conduct in-water research and monitoring of green, Kemp's Ridley, and loggerhead sea turtles.
Voyage of a Pacific leatherback
Have ever wondered what a leatherback thinks about? Kelly Stewart, a NOAA Fisheries leatherback expert, writes a story to put you in the flippers of a female leatherback making her way back to her nesting beach.
What Can You Do to Help Sea Turtles?
Learn how you can help save sea turtles, protect sea and turtle habitat. Read turtle friendly fishing and boating tips.
Sea Turtle Week 2017: Leadership Message
At NOAA Fisheries, we are devoted to the conservation and recovery of these fascinating creatures.
Early Restoration Project: Year One
This is first full year of the Sea Turtle Early Restoration Project. Developed to help restore turtle populations affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, this project is a collaboration between NOAA, the Department of Interior, and the State of Texas.
Sea Turtle Science 
Enjoy a snapshot of sea turtle research for each day of Sea Turtle Week 2017. We feature a highlight image and brief synopsis of our research around the country.
Species in the Spotlight: Pacific Leatherback
The Pacific leatherback is one of eight NOAA Fisheries 'Species in the Spotlight'. Recovery efforts are underway.
Sea Turtle Species Information
How much do olive ridley sea turtles typically weigh? What do hawksbill turtles eat? Explore sea turtle species information.