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Office of Protected Resources Strategic Plan

Southern Resident killer whale, one of eight NOAA Fisheries "Species in the Spotlight."

White abalone, one of eight NOAA Fisheries "Species in the Spotlight."

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Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2016–2020

This strategic plan will help us focus on the actions and investments that have the greatest conservation value for species under our purview and for which we are best positioned and capable of accomplishing. This strategic plan will serve as our guidepost for fiscal years 2016 through 2020. It will further guide internal decision-making, priority-setting, and discretionary resource allocation with the assumption that funding will remain level.

Over the next five years we will focus on four strategic goals. The goals align with and take advantage of our strengths and unique capabilities, guiding the work of Office of Protected Resources and the NOAA Fisheries protected resources management programs. We have determined our focus on these goals will make the biggest difference to our recovery and conservation mission given current and emerging needs.

Office of Protected Resources Strategic Plan: FY2016 - FY2020 [pdf]

Goal 1— Stabilize the most critically endangered species and improve populations of those species near recovery

Objective 1: Make measurable improvements to reduce threats and stabilize the declines of eight critically endangered species.  (Species in the Spotlight – Survive to Thrive )

Objective 2: Make measurable improvements to reduce threats and increase populations of species making recovery progress. (Species in the Spotlight - Recovery Ready

Goal 2—Develop guidelines and tools to make protected species management decisions “Climate Smart”

Objective 1: Identify and fill knowledge gaps of how climate change will affect protected species.


Objective 2: Develop guidance and tools to inform ESA and MMPA actions in light of anticipated future climate conditions.

Goal 3—Maximize our effectiveness in implementing the ESA and MMPA

Objective 1: Invest in programs and activities with the greatest conservation

Objective 2: Develop innovative tools, national guidance, and reliable approaches for ESA and MMPA 

Objective 3: Leverage technology and engage employees to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Objective 4: Eliminate redundancies, enhance integration, and leverage resources to gain efficiencies and maximize effective use of resources.

Goal 4—Cultivate collaborators to recover and conserve protected species

Objective 1: Create new and reinforce existing communication avenues to engage with our audiences and partners.

Objective 2: Identify intersections with federal agencies', states' and partner organizations' missions and protected species recovery and conservation needs.

Objective 3: Use collaboration and community expertise to augment NOAA Fisheries Protected Resources programs and improve recovery and conservation outcomes for protected species.

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