NOAA Fisheries Service - Headquarters

NOAA Fisheries Service is responsible for the management, conservation, and protection of living marine resources within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone. Headquarters staff work closely with six regional offices and science centers, and with scientists and managers throughout the nation to conduct research on marine ecosystems and develop effective management strategies.

The Office of Sustainable Fisheries works with the regions, fishery management councils, and commissions to develop and implement management regulations to end overfishing and rebuild and maintain sustainable fisheries.

The Office of Protected Resources conserves, protects, and recovers threatened and endangered marine species under the authority of the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

The Office of Habitat Conservation conducts national, regional, and community-based activities to protect and restore habitat vital for healthy ecosystems and sustainable fisheries. The Office promotes environmental stewardship and supports sound management of coastal and marine resources.

The Office of Science and Technology provides information and statistics, status assessments for living marine resources and their habitats, and strategic research aimed at satisfying the near-term and long-range scientific goals of the agency for the sustainable use of living marine resources.

The Office for Law Enforcement provides enforcement coverage for federally managed waters through cooperative agreements with the states and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Office of International Affairs helps provide worldwide stewardship of living marine resources and their ecosystems through leadership and participation in international treaty and regional fishery management organizations.

The Office of Management and Budget provides advice, support, and guidance to NOAA Fisheries Service leadership through budget formulation and execution, strategic planning, performance management, facility management, and human resource management.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer provides information technology, security management, infrastructure management, customer support services, and database development for mission activities.

The Office for Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and Diversity encourages and supports both affirmative employment and diversity and ensures compliance with federal EEO Program requirements.

The Aquaculture Program integrates and coordinates the agency’s aquaculture policies and research to foster domestic marine aquaculture production to meet the growing demand for safe, healthy seafood.

The Seafood Inspection Program offers a variety of fee-based professional inspection services to ensure the safety and quality of seafood in support of domestic import and export activities.

NOAA Fisheries Service Headquarters

1315 East West Highway
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

(301) 713-2379

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