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NOAA - 10/17/06 -Studies Affirm Seafood to be a Healthy Food Choice

National Institute of Medicine - 10/17/06 -  Consumers Need Better Guidance to Fully Weigh Possible Benefits and Risks When Making Seafood Choices The previous link is an external site.

NOAA Press Release - 8/25/06 - Gulf Seafood Safe to Eat, Based on Post-Hurricane Testing

FDA Press Release 7/31/06 - Consumers Advised To Avoid Raw Oysters From the Pacific Northwest

FDA Press Release 6/6/06 - FDA/EPA Advisory on Seafood Consumption Still Current

NOAA Press Release - 12/08/05 - Americans Told to Eat Seafood Twice Per Week for Optimal Health; Pregnant, Nursing Women Advised to Increase Fish Intake but Avoid Five Species

NOAA Press Release - 12/06/05 - Seafood Cuts Risk for Heart Disease, Prolongs Life and Increases Infant Intelligence, Scientists Say
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