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NOAA Fisheries
Office of Sustainable Fisheries
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Highly Migratory Species

Domestic Fisheries

Regulatory Services
Seafood Inspection Laboratory
Seafood Safety Issues
Chemistry Services
Microbiological Services
Partnerships and Communications

NSIL Risk Management Activities

  • Provides a voluntary program to control Salmonella in fish meal
    • Sanitary evaluations of processing facilities
    • Analysis of fish meal for the presence of Salmonella
    • Export certification of fish meal, fish oil, and fish solubles
  • Provides expertise for various ISSC Committees and Subcommittees
  • Performs forensic laboratory investigations to determine mislabeled seafood species and economic fraud violations
  • Manages Swordfish and Patagonian Toothfish Import Control Programs and provides enforcement focus
  • Provides regulatory Risk Analysis to selected NMFS Fishery Management Regulations
  • Engages in national and international regulatory policy development
  • Provides leadership in the formulation of NMFS/NOAA policy on Mercury in Fish

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