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NSIL Risk Assessment Activities - Mercury in Fish

Hot Topics
Synoptic Survey: Mercury in Recreational Finfish of Gulf of Mexico
Mercury/Selenium/ Omega-3 Study (ALSPAC)
Methylmercury in Gulf of Mexico
Seafood Choices: Bal-ancing Benefits & Risks
Current Activities
  • Conducting a Synoptic Survey on total mercury and selenium ratios in recreational and commercial fish in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Refining mercury analyses in fish using the latest state-of-the-art analytical equipment and methodologies
  • Working with various Marine Fisheries Commissions on mercury surveys and monitoring strategy development
  • Working with national and international universities investigating the mitigating effects of selenium on mercury toxicity
Previous Activities
  • Participated in:
  • National Academy of Science Review of conflicting research findings
  • Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission development of mercury research and monitoring proposal
  • EPA’s Gulf of Mexico Program Public Health Forum on Mercury in Fish
  • EPA persistent bioaccumulative toxic workshops
  • White House Interagency Working Group on Mercury in Fish
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