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The Partnerships and Communications Division of the NOAA Fisheries Service's Office of Sustainable Fisheries creates cooperative partnerships with state and federal agencies, the commercial and recreational marine fishing communities and environmental groups. These partnerships provide communication avenues among all constituencies to strengthen marine fisheries management and conservation at the state, interregional, and national levels. There are five teams within the division providing a variety of services to our partners and constituents.

National Artificial Reef Plan (Feb 2007)
This document describes guidelines for the siting, construction, and development of artificial reefs.

The State/Federal Services Team provides national policy and oversight for NOAA Fisheries' interactions with coastal states and island territories/commonwealths, Interstate Marine Fisheries Commissions, and national groups.

The Trade/Commercial Services Team conducts a number of activities critical for maintaining a competitive U.S. seafood industry in global markets, and protects the interests of American consumers.

The Outreach Services Team increases communication and understanding between the agency, our constituents and the general public.

The Environmental Liaison serves as a first point of contact for environmental constituents.

The Partnerships and Communications Division provides a free weekly electronic news service called FishNews, with up-to-date information on marine fisheries, coastal habitat and ocean wildlife.

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