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Fish Stock Sustainability Index

NOAA Fisheries measures the performance of our nation’s fisheries through the Fish Stock Sustainability Index (FSSI). First implemented in 2005, the FSSI is a quarterly index that includes 227 fish stocks selected because of their importance to commercial and recreational fisheries. The FSSI measures the performance of these important fish stocks, which represent more than 90 percent of total U.S landings.

The FSSI increases when NOAA Fisheries determines the status of a stock and when a stock's status improves (either no longer subject to overfishing, no longer overfished, or rebuilt). The number of stocks in the index may be revised as new fisheries develop and stocks are assessed.

FSSI Progress Over Time

Since 2000, increases in the FSSI show significant progress in sustainably managing U.S. fisheries. The graph below illustrates the growth in the FSSI from 2000 to the end of 2013. For details on the current status, visit the Stock Status Updates page.


Calculating the FSSI

To calculate the overall FSSI, each individual fish stock or individual stock complex is assigned a score based on its current status. Each stock or stock complex can receive a maximum of 4 points each. Each fish stock is scored using the following criteria:

The maximum score possible for the domestic FSSI is 920 points.