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FSSI Scoring Methodology

Each quarter, NOAA Fisheries calculates an FSSI score, incorporating information from new stock assessments and stock status determinations. The FSSI is calculated on a 1,000 point scale using the following methodology:

Step 1: Assign weighted criteria points for each stock based on the following:

Criteria Criteria Points
1. “Overfished” status is known 0.5
2. “Overfishing” status is known 0.5
3. Overfishing is not occurring (for stocks with known “overfishing” status) 1.0
4. Stock biomass is above the “overfished” level defined for the stock 1.0
5. Stock biomass is at or above 80% of the biomass that produces maximum sustainable yield (BMSY)1 1.0

Step 2: Calculate the sum of criteria points for all FSSI stocks

Step 3: Calculate maximum criteria points possible: multiply number of FSSI stocks (199) x maximum criteria points per stock (4 points)

Step 4: Calculate a raw total point score: divide sum of criteria points / maximum criteria points possible

Step 5: Convert raw total point score to a 1,000 point scale: total raw point score*1,000

1Stocks rebuilding from a previously overfished condition are not awarded the fourth point until they reach BMSY, as mandated by the Magnuson-Stevens Act. After they have been fully rebuilt, they may fluctuate within the 80% parameter and retain the score of 4 like the other non-rebuilding stocks. This point is in addition to the point awarded for being above the “overfished” level.