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Protected Species Safe Handling, Release, and Identification Workshops

Sign up for a Workshop

It is free to attend a workshop.  Please contact Angler Conservation Education (ACE) by phone at (386) 682-0158 to reserve a space at a workshop.  A reservation is not required, but is recommended.

Prepare for a Workshop

To prepare for the workshop, please fill out the correct form below* and e-mail it to ACE, fax it to (386) 437-8115, or bring it to the workshop.


To ensure your workshop certificate is linked to the correct permit, please bring the following materials with you to the workshop:

Vessel Owner:

Representative of a Business or Co-Owned Vessel:

Vessel Operator:

  1. Proof of identification
  2. A copy of the permit(s)
  3. A copy of the vessel registration or documentation
  1. Proof of Identification
  2. A copy of the permit(s)
  3. Proof that the participant is a co-owner of the business or vessel
  1. Proof of identification


*There are three ways you can fill out a form:

  1. If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (Standard or Professional), you can download the form, type in the fields, save the form, and e-mail it to ACE.
  2. If you only have Acrobat Reader you can type in the fields and send the form using Reader, or you can print the form and fax it to ACE or bring it to the workshop.
  3. If you don't have  Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader simply print out the form, write in the spaces, and either fax it to ACE or bring it to the workshop.