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Atlantic Shark Identification Workshops

Required Attendance

All Federally-permitted shark dealers must attend this workshop and obtain a workshop certificate prior to renewing their shark dealer permit. Shark dealers may send someone else (a proxy) to a workshop, instead of attending themselves.

If a dealer decides to send a proxy, then a proxy from each place of business which first receives sharks under the dealer’s permit must attend the workshop.  A proxy must be a person who is currently employed by a business authorized to receive sharks under the dealer’s permit; is a primary participant in the identification, weighing, and/or first receipt of fish as they are offloaded from a vessel; and is involved in filling out dealer reports.

All workshop certificates must be renewed every three years, prior to renewing the shark dealer permit.  Applications for permit renewals will be considered incomplete and a permit will not be issued unless a copy (or copies, if multiple locations first receive sharks) of a valid shark identification workshop certificate is submitted.

Workshop Certificate

  1. Submit a copy of all workshop certificates with the application to renew a shark dealer permit.
  2. Keep a copy of the workshop certificate at each place of business which first receives sharks under a dealer's permit.
  3. Keep a copy of the workshop certificate in trucks, or other conveyances of shark products, which are extensions of a dealer's place of business.