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Essential Fish Habitat GIS Shapefiles

GIS shapefiles of Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) boundaries for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species are available for download by clicking the associated button below. Species that have EFH boundaries for multiple lifestages (i.e., anything besides "all lifestages combined") also contain layer files for each lifestage polygon. The symbology used in the layer files (e.g., colors) are random, and you will need to update the location of the shapefiles that you download for the layer files to reference the appropriate data.

All Current HMS EFH Shapefiles (97 MB)

Atlantic Tunas, Swordfish, and Billfish



Albacore tunaJuvenile, Adult
Bigeye tunaSpawning, Juvenile, Adult
Bluefin tunaSpawning, Juvenile, Adult, HAPC
Skipjack tunaSpawning, Juvenile, Adult
Yellowfin tunaSpawning, Juvenile, Adult
SwordfishSpawning, Juvenile, Adult
Blue marlinSpawning, Juvenile, Adult
White marlinSpawning, Juvenile, Adult
SailfishSpawning, Juvenile, Adult
Longbill spearfishJuvenile and Adult combined
Roundscale spearfishSpawning, Juvenile, Adult

Atlantic Sharks



BaskingJuvenile and Adult combined
Great hammerheadAll lifestages combined
Scalloped hammerheadNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
WhiteAll lifestages combined
NurseJuvenile, Adult
BignoseJuvenile and Adult combined
BlacktipNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
BullNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
Caribbean reefAll lifestages combined
DuskyNeonate, Juv and Adult combined
LemonNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
NightAll lifestages combined
SandbarSpawning, Juvenile, Adult, HAPC
SilkyAll lifestages combined
SpinnerNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
TigerNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
Sand tigerNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
Whale sharkAll lifestages combined
Angel sharkJuvenile and Adult combined
BonnetheadNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
Atlantic sharpnoseNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
BlacknoseNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
FinetoothNeonate, Juv and Adult combined
Longfin makoAll lifestages combined
PorbeagleAll lifestages combined
Shortfin makoAll lifestages combined
Blue sharkNeonate, Juvenile, Adult
Oceanic whitetipAll lifestages combined
Bigeye thresherAll lifestages combined
Common thresherAll lifestages combined
Smooth dogfishAll lifestages combined

For  questions about Amendment 1 to the Consolidated Atlantic HMS Fishery Management Plan, please contact the Atlantic HMS Division Headquarters Office.