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Atlantic Highly Migratory Species
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Atlantic Highly Migratory Species


Tagging Programs

The following sites may be accessed for additional information on HMS tagging programs or to receive a tagging kit.

NOAA Fisheries Apex Predators Program
*Report Apex Predator Program tag recaptures here*

Large Pelagic Research Lab (non U.S. government site)

Pelagic GIS Group/New England Aquarium Edgerton Research Lab (non U.S. government site)

Tuna Research and Conservation Center/Hopkins Marine Station - Monterey Bay Aquarium (non U.S. government site)

SEFSC Cooperative Tagging Center


Archival Tags

Scientific researchers have implanted data logging devices, called archival tags, in some tunas, billfish and sharks. Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags (PSAT) are externally attached to the fish and can resemble a torpedo (see photo below). Sometimes they are internally implanted, and only the light sensor protrudes out of the body. You can recognize a fish with an internal archival tag by unique external streamer tags with green and white or orange and white coloration. The white portion of the streamer tag reads "electronic tag inside cavity". Do not release a fish with an archival tag . No matter what closures or other regulations are in effect, you may catch, possess, retain, and land an Atlantic highly migratory species in which an archival tag has been implanted or affixed. Please note that this landing allowance applies only to fish with archival tags, not conventional tags.

If you catch a fish with an archival tag:

(1) Contact National Marine Fisheries Service at the Cooperative Tagging Program at 1-800-437-3936 before or at the time of landing.

(2) Provide all requested information about the location hand method of capture. In certain cases, a reward may be offered for recovery of the archival tag, so be sure not to damage the tag.



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