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Pelagic Longline Fishery: Individual Bluefin Quota (IBQ) Program and Electronic Monitoring Information You Need to Know

March 10, 2016

Interested in Leasing IBQ ?

List of Pelagic Longline and Purse Seine Participants in the Individual Bluefin Quota (IBQ) Program Interested in Leasing IBQ

NOAA Fisheries is updating a list of Atlantic Tunas Longline permit holders and Purse Seine participants interested in leasing Individual Bluefin Quota (IBQ) allocation (to or from another permit holder) in order to assist permit holders in locating available IBQ allocation. Permit holders/participants that would like to be included on this list should provide NMFS with their name and contact information.  

The list of names and contact information will be shared with other interested permit holders upon request.  If you are interested in being put on this list, or want to get a copy of this list of permit holders, please email IBQ Customer Service at: NMFS.HMS.IBQ@NOAA.govPlease be sure to indicate in your email if you are interested in leasing quota from fishery participants or you would like to lease your current quota to other fishery participants. Permit holders electing to be placed on this list will need to email IBQ Customer Service if/when they wish to be removed from the list.  

If you have already leased IBQ from another Shareholder

IBQ shareholders who lease IBQ quota from another shareholder must remember to transfer the leased quota from their shareholder account to their vessel account.  In order to use your IBQ to account for bluefin retained or discarded dead, the IBQ must be in the vessel account.

For questions regarding this process, please call IBQ Customer Service at (301) 427-8591.

Selling Your Pelagic Longline Vessel ? 

What you should know about the Electronic Monitoring (EM) Equipment

If a pelagic longline vessel with an installed EM system is sold and will no longer be fishing with pelagic longline gear, the vessel owner must contact the NOAA Fisheries contractor, Saltwater, Inc. to make arrangement to have the EM equipment removed from the vessel.  The new owner / operator must also contact, Saltwater, Inc. to receive training on the proper use of the EM system.  Saltwater Inc. may be reached at 1-800-770-3241.

This notice is a courtesy to HMS fishery participants to help keep you informed about the fishery.  For further information, contact Thomas Warren or Brad McHale at 978-281-9260.